Reunion Back to Normal after Irma


Incredible to see the Resort teams and property managers working together to get the Resort back to normal in less than 24 hours!
Although a few homes did receive some light damage, the landscaping and repairs are already under way or completed.
Driving through Reunion today, you would never tell that Central Florida had been affected!

Property managers will be busy with their owners right now and Leigh Bateman from Magical Vacation Homes has issued this update on Hurricane Irma.

The Reunion Resort Blog has received many requests to check properties, but owners are best to follow the advice given in each property manager’s news updates.
The good news, is that the storm has passed, the resort looks great and flights are bringing vacationers to the most magical place on earth; Reunion Resort!

The theme parks were back in full action on Tuesday and the Magic Kingdom was totally spotless on the morning of September 12th according to the TotalOrlando Facebook page!


Irma Leaves its Trail at Reunion Resort


Despite the arrival of the Atlantics largest Hurricane, Reunion’s 7/11 was open just hours later!

Just assessing some of the damage over at Reunion this morning.
Hurricane Irma set many records, including the longest ever Cat 5, highest Atlantic wind speed etc.
Overnight, she arrived in the early hours and pounded much of Central Florida.
From our images, a few trees are down and some structures have been badly affected.
Keep checking this post regularly for updated images as they come in.


As always with Florida, the response teams get things cleared up and the property managers react swiftly to get homes safe, watertight and back to normal.
If you are concerned about the status of your home, wait a day or two at least to leave the teams to focus on clean up and repairs!
All of the management companies will be in action Wednesday (after the curfews are lifted later today around 6pm).

Reunion Resort Images of Hurricane Irma Aftermath

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 2.54.56 PM

Special Fundraiser For Oraine Williams

Let’s get some specialized wheels for Oraine!

From David Burman

Dear friend and business partner:

As you know, on the morning of October 11, 2016, Oraine Williams was on his way to work and was involved in a highway -speed broadside collision with a tractor trailer which left him severely injured and lacking the mobility we all enjoy every day.   Oraine spent the first few months in critical care and rehabilitation and after some setbacks, arrived home just about 60 days ago.  He has been working his way back into the day-to-day affairs of his community and you may have already had interactions with him during his recovery.

But other than the trips to rehab and doctor appointments, which are criminally expensive and unreliable, Oraine is virtually trapped at home.   He cannot get to see his kids sporting events and activities, work, or even just go see a movie.  We believe it is vital to get Oraine back into a life that is as normal as possible.

Vans outfitted to accommodate his limitations have special ramps, drive controls, and other specialized equipment.  We have consulted with several auto industry professionals who have all agreed that minivans (specifically Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna) make the best platforms and VMI Conversions in Phoenix produces the best and most reliable conversion vans.   Brand new these conversion vans cost upwards of $85,000 depending on equipment.  The good news is that we have located, locally, a very low mileage (16k) 2015 Toyota Sienna already outfitted with the VMI conversion for $47,000.  Our fundraising target is $50,000 to cover tax (the conversion portion of the purchase is not taxable), tag, and the minor equipment additions that may be necessary.   First let me relay a special story to you about Oraine.

As a young boy in Queens NY, Oraine arrived home one day to learn his sister had been violently assaulted while waiting to get home after school.  A short time later, Oraine and his family relocated to Florida and Oraine attended nearby Poinciana High School.  By all accounts and you might imagine, Oraine was very popular among his classmates.  He started to notice a younger female classmate waiting after school alone to get picked up.  Recalling the fear of what happened to his sister years earlier, and even though he really did not know her well, Oraine spent every afternoon that year standing with this younger classmate.  He was protecting her.  We never knew about this story until recently when that younger classmate, who remains close with Oraine to this day, relayed this moving story to us.           

Several corporate partners with Reunion have started the effort but we need your help again to make this a reality as fast as possible.   Many of you have made donations in the past and words cannot express how much they have helped Oraine and his family deal with the many bills and challenges that accompany an accident like this.  It has been a most heartwarming thing to witness.

If you are able, please send a check made payable to “Aegis CMS-OW Van Fund to help make this goal a reality.
You can send your donation c/o Aegis, 8390 Championsgate Blvd Suite 304, Championsgate FL 33896.  The van is sitting on a lot for sale.  We have placed a deposit and the dealer has agreed to hold it for 30 days.  Please consider making a donation today to this very worthy cause and this deserving family.

Thank you again for your wonderful gift.

David L Burman, AMS® PCAM®
Aegis Community Management Solutions, Inc.

8390 Championsgate Blvd Suite 304
Championsgate Florida 33896
ofc: 863-256-5052 x226
fax: 863-256-5059


Clubhouse Finally Emerges On Nicklaus!

FullSizeRender 3

This week, the Jack Nicklaus course clubhouse was being prepared for construction over on the West side of Reunion Resort.
After almost a decade without any sort of clubhouse, the youngest of the three Reunion PGA courses will at last have bricks and mortar instead of a tent.

The news is very much welcome for owners and guests over in the Muirfield Loop, Palmilla Ct, Golden Bear, Bear’s Den Reunion and beyond.

We will keep you posted with regular photo updates!

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Restaurants Near Reunion – Tijuana Flats


If you have a passion for great Tex Mex, but love high quality dishes at fast food speed, there’s literally no place better than Tijuana Flats!

Established in 1995 in Central Florida, Tijuana Flats is rapidly evolving into a multi state chain, thanks to its awesome reputation for its hot sauces and very cool, freshly made dishes.

The restaurants near Reunion Resort have been serving the luxury community very well, but the Ovation shopping area has changed little over recent years.
Tropical Smoothie being the stand out, and very popular addition worth a mention and visit for great Smoothies and excellent fresh sandwiches and flatbreads.

Lately though, the Championsgate are has flourished with new developments and a string of familiar faces such as McDonalds and Wendy’s, has been joined by an English Fish and Chip shop, and of course Tijuana Flats.

The quality of the Tex Mex food is legendary.
The service at the new Championsgate location has been faultless on every visit so far and the prices are very fair for high quality ‘made to order quick service’.
Remember the ‘made to order’ element.
It’s a popular place and they don’t pre make orders like a lot of places do, so you may wait 5 or 10 minutes for your order, but it is worth it.

You can order ‘to go’ or have the food delivered to your restaurant table, seats inside or out.

The menu items are typically diverse Tex Mex and all menu items can be custom built, much like a good home in Reunion Resort!

  • Chips & Dips
  • Burritos
  • Burrito Bowls
  • Chimichangas
  • Dos Tacos
  • Flat Outrageous
  • Flauta
  • Taco Salads
  • Nachos
  • Quesadillas
  • Kids meals

To visit the Tijuana Flats (Championsgate Location), click here for directions and online ordering.

McNally Homes – Upcoming New Model Homes

McNally Custom Homes proudly create the finest luxury mansions and large scale vacation homes within Central Florida’s Reunion Resort.
Vice President Ryan McNally revealed to us that the long established Custom Home Builder is about to open a series of Model Homes within the gated golf community near Disney World.

Thanks to the team at Magical Vacation Homes, McNally will present a selection of homes for future buyers to explore.

Ryan added that the McNally team feels fortunate to showcase the superior craftsmanship of the company, a construction business with a rich history in construction since 1850.
McNally also appreciated the opportunity to work alongside the resort’s finest real estate professionals in partnership with the model home.

For more information on McNally Custom Homes follow the link.

Theme Park Report – Pandora Will Boost Tourism!

We were invited to the latest press preview of Pandora – The Land of Avatar on Friday May 12th.
Scheduled to open to the public on May 27th 2017, the exotic new land is based upon James Cameron’s collection of Avatar movies.
The first was released in 2009, but four more are scheduled for release in 2020, 2021, 2024 and 2025.

Here’s a preview video of the opening event.
Mind blowing detail and a truly immersive experience look set to make this new area of Animal Kingdom one of the hottest IPs within Orlando’s theme parks!

With Volcano Bay also due to debut at the end of May, the spotlight is truly focused on Central Florida in 2017!

Read our full review of Pandora – The Land of Avatar on Total Orlando’s Blog

Oraine Williams – Update

Oraine Williams - Aegis Reunion ResortIt is hard to believe that 6 months has passed since Oraine was involved in a serious road accident.
In that time his loyal fans and supporters have made some great contributions to his GoFundMe page (please contribute if you can!)
A fabulous fund raising golf event was organized by his friend Carlton Grant of Reunion Resort, with the support from the entire industry and community of the resort in general.

Today, though, came the best news in 6 months; that Oraine finally returned home after his extensive treatment and rehab in Georgia.

After being under urgent and intensive care, and then rehabilitative care, continuously for over 6 months, Oraine finally came home for the first time on March 31st. All reports were that he was elated to be in his own home and able to enjoy those familiar smells and sounds we all relish. Oraine obviously has a long road ahead of him but his attitude and outlook are visibly improving every day. A colleague visited with Oraine just a few days before he left the hospital for good. The visitor left the hospital feeling truly inspired and humbled by Oraine’s ability to adapt to what has happened and recover his good nature. Those of us that know Oraine knew this day would come. That he would continue to be the person who would manifest hope and inspiration, without trying or even wanting to. Coming home is a big step and Oraine has started talking about his return to Aegis and more information will follow.

Oraine is a great guy, and we truly look forward to seeing him again in Reunion.

Sinclair Road/429 – Landscape Update

The next time you head into Reunion Resort via the 429 toll road off-ramp, you will be treated to a much nicer view!
A bunch of magnificent palms now define the area as an impressive gateway into the luxury community.
The west side of Reunion boasts the largest luxury mansions and it seems fitting that the ‘rear gate’ route is catching up in aesthetic terms.

With one of the driest periods on record, the region is looking forward to much needed rainfall to green up the local landscape.
(Not too much though!)

Bear’s Den Reunion Video Update

3 houses out of the ground at Bear’s Den Club!
No news yet about the hotly anticipated Nicklaus course clubhouse development.
We will keep you posted if we find out more.