The Encore Club at Reunion

Encore Resorts & Homes @ Reunion Resort

On August 17th 2013 Encore Resorts & Homes will face Reunion Resort Members

Over the recent years, relationships with the Resort’s various owners could have at times been strained as the resort has battled with the ‘Members Only’ concept that seemed so right prior to the recession.

Now, things are different, the resort needs to move forward, expand and develop to attract new members and home owners into the luxurious golf community.

With the majority of the resort’s realty under private ownership, there’s a clash of opinions about how non Reunion Resort property owners integrate with the resort and in particular, use the facilities.  The solutions are not easy, and members having paid $15,000 deposit and then $400+ a month to become members, passions run high about relaxing the non member access rules.

Reunion Resort and Encore have been working together for some time now to develop areas of the resort and the meeting in August will reveal some clues as to the intentions of the partnership.
If past meetings are anything to go by, the spirit will be rather easy going, and upbeat.  That’s something that some members may want to change and open the meeting up to a wider debate about their futures on the resort.

As many members understand, they currently have some hefty voice, and resort policy can often be determined by a large group of people that could call in their $15,000 deposits!
Perhaps the developments with Encore go some way to build a bigger resort with much less dependancy upon the existing residential members and rental home owners!

Let’s see what the meeting brings!

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