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Encore Member’s Presentation Summary Aug 17th 2013

If you’ve lost the link to the Encore sales presentation video, you can find it here until Sept 17th 2013.

For some strange reason the original link does not work and the alternative instructions to find the actual video have been removed from the ustream site.
Disappointingly, the presentation elements of the video were missing, leaving only the question and answers session available to the many members that could not attend the meeting in person.

Summary of the presentation video:

  • A sales office will be up and running at Heritage Crossing within 2 to three months time.  October/November time 2013
  • Lot/Home packages will be offered for sale
  • No ‘Lot only’ packages will be made available
  • $375k – $500k home packages on the Ridge
  • $550k upwards for the 6-9 bedroom Estate homes on the 17th 18th Nicklaus course
  • Concerns were raised that prices would devalue existing proerty values
  • 125 lots on the 17th 18th holes as resort homes
  • the Ridge area will have 850 units built
  • Further development of the East Side is also anticiapted at some stage
  • The 17th/18th holes will not be changed
  • Clubhouse construction will start Feb 2014 on the Nicklaus Course
  • Sports Bar style Clubhouse features
  • More information exepcted in 30 days time
  • Membership may be included in the home puchase
  • 40ft & 50ft wide lots approximately 130ft depth
  • Builders are not yet selected
  • 12,000 – 15,000 sqft clubhouse to be built (fitness, spa, restaurant, lockers)
  • No plans for additional costs for the new facilities to existing members
  • Construction hoped to commence November/December 2013
  • Old Lake Wilson and 17/18th Holes of the Nicklaus Course developments
  • References to ‘one Reunion’ were interesting in response to a question over water park and golf capacity
  • Existing resident’s concerns that they may be pushed out by the rental program guests were raised, but not clearly answered.
  • The HOA will benefit from the added revenue from the new development
  • 450 Golf members 750 social currently
  • 500 golf members per golf course were originally planned

My thoughts about the proposed development

All of us at Reunion have been in a bubble for some time.  We’ve enjoyed almost private use of a beautiful resort in relative seclusion.
The resort needs to move on and the members need to move along with it.
Overall, if implemented well, members will truly benefit form the proposed project.

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