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Reunion Resort Rental Members Seek Fairness

There’s always trouble in paradise you see.

Recently, I wrote about new changes to the admin system for Reunion Resort house guest privileges.
In a nutshell, house guest privileges provide owners of private vacation homes the opportunity to allow their rental guests access to the Water Parks, Tennis Courts and Golf courses of Reunion Resort on a limited basis.

At the moment, an owner’s house guests may obtain privileges to a maximum of 42 days a year.
We say ‘at the moment’ because in times of ‘not so old’, the privileges were without limit.
The previous management of Reunion Resort decided to make some changes and that was that.  42 days only.

My passion to revisit this issue stems from the oncoming Encore project at the Resort.
I am one of those that certainly welcomes growth of Reunion, especially since the resort was ‘harpooned’ during the recent recession, cutting investment and property values considerably.
It is great to see the Resort growing again and overall, we welcome the Encore development.
My biggest fear however, is that new Encore property owners might suffer the same fate as private property owners before them:
Major changes to membership privileges, without consultation.

Like ourselves, potential Encore owners have no guarantee that ‘what they buy into’ is what they eventually end up with.
I would very much like Reunion Resort to address that issue in light of the most recent membership access changes, imposed by the Resort on existing members without consultation.

If you would like to raise your concern with the Resort Management, please comment below.  Although your email address is required, it is not visible in the post, nor will it be used in any other way than to communicate privately with you.
As we gain more support, we will open discussions with the Resort Management in a professional manner.

Many have spoken about forming private associations, boycotting the resort facilities, withdrawing from the membership program and claiming our deposits back.
Let us put our faith in working together instead, and raise awareness that the current Guest Privilege policies are impractical for home owners, property managers and ultimately the long term value of the resort itself.

Some Proposed Objectives:

  • Establish a workable House Guest system for property managers
  • Property managers to represent absent Members at the Resort’s Member Meetings
  • Create a unified effort to make Reunion Resort successful for all owners/members
  • Full Resort/member consultation prior to any further changes in the membership program

Please Leave A Reply in the comments box at the foot of this post if you would like to see some improvement in the House Guest privilege system at Reunion Resort:

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  1. I am interested in being involved, in fact I have sent a letter to the management just today in relation to these matters.

    1. I’ve been hearing some very worrying things about the Encore development and the changes in access that is going to bring about for existing Reunion members.

  2. I agree that we need to work together and build a strong case to put to Reunion.
    A good solution is surely in everyone’s interests.

  3. In response to Catherine, we also heard some comments from a very credible source that the Encore Members would get different fees, deposits and access rights to existing owners that have submitted huge deposits and monthly membership fees.

    We also recognise, that if true, resident members and non resident members will at last have some common ground to discuss with Reunion Resort.
    I guess we will have to put any rumors to one side until they get announced officially by Encore/Reunion, but interesting to see that you’ve also picked up on this too.

  4. This is a 100% discrimination situation, why the hell cannot we work together for the benefit of ALL concerned, who has directed the membership office and employees to be so aggressive towards their owners / members? WHO? ? Lets name this guy ?

  5. I will be keeping all my owners up to date on this and recommending they come here. Looks like the ‘good’ old days are back. Interesting times.

    (Thanks Catherine for guiding me here)

  6. It appears that all guests turning up for their House Guest Privilege Cards are being pushed with this document.

    Click to access New%20Doc%209.pdf

    While we understand that Reunion may wish to market their rental program, the use of this leaflet is rather like us placing Championsgate Golf and Restaurant leaflets in every correspondence that we have with our guests.

    1. Yes but they don’t point out that their rentals are typically twice the price of the independents!! Maybe that is something we should put on our promotional material.

      A 7 night stay at our condo at Christmas would be over $1,700 cheaper than an equivalent reunion direct stay, my guests would still have $1,200 left in change, if a family of 6 (2 adults and 2 children) were to used the water park every day for the full week!!

  7. We have lived in hope since Salamander took over the management of the Resort that finally it would be managed with the good of the Resort as the main objective but every week the evidence points in opposite direction. Hopefully with enough of us and a constructive approach we can make them listen.

  8. “I Love Reunion”! But does it Love me?
    Sheila Johnson (CEO of the Salamander Hotel Group) A partner to the “Reunion Owners” said on the 27th Oct 2010 – a) “Reunion is one of the finest Resorts” Sheila I agree, BUT maybe not a Happy Resort? b) Sheila also said “she was looking forward to working together with Members” Not certain this statement is working as well as it could?

    When I had an unbelievable successful business in the UK which we sold to an American back in 1988, I had a sign on my desk which said “Let’s Work Together” , I also had another sign which said “Do It My Way” Sheila it looks to me that Reunion have adopted my second signage!

    Come on Guys “Let’s Work Together You Know It Makes Sense”. After all WE are YOUR Partners! We are YOUR Investors! We are YOUR Biggest supporters. We bring/attract 1000’s of visitors and $$$ to Reunion in the form of Family, Friends and Guests (who become friends) to OUR beautiful Resort!

    Let’s get together NOT to argue but to harmonize OUR many talents. Let’s do away with the obvious discrimination within the Resort between owner/members and Reunions rental guests.

    Sheila Johnson & your partner (who I am uncertain who that is) you must be aware that within Reunions owner/membership/investors you have some of the worlds most experienced successful and professional business people that you could ever wish to meet. Let’s get close, let’s work together and be a Happy Resort!

    Shelia let’s have a chat (maybe without directors and managers!)

    Kindest Regards Roy Hall

  9. I find the situation simply baffling. When the market for Reunion was in the dumps a number of Users and Investors stepped up and saved the resort from the brink. At the time we were welcomed with open arms and a promising smile. Now that the market has turned and Reunion is on more solid footing they are turning their back on those same people that saved them from 2008-2012.
    The resort is not a long term rental or owner only resort. It allows for short term rentals. We should have the ability to trust in a management to look after not only ourselves but those that we send that have the right to be there according to Reunion’s own rules. To also then target those same guests of ours to turn into customers of Reunion’s only is not only wrong but borderline unethical. We have followed the rules and have our guests uncomfortably recruited by our own membership program that we fund.
    I have seen 3 different management companies running Reunion and Salamander seems no different to the previous incarnations. We have a small window with which Reunion is ahead of the game as a Central Florida resort. Others are trying to join the game from Championsgate to Encore and if Reunion allows itself to fight with owners and members then it will lose the end game. For myself if the game is rigged its time to play a different game. It doesn’t hurt that the others have cheaper home prices and memberships. I hope i’m not forced to make this decision but if the silliness carries on much longer than voting with my feet may be the only option.


    1. I had heard that at least one member resigned a membership yesterday as a result of the changes and the lack of benefit to non resident members that place their homes in short term rental.
      That is indeed a severe response, but indicates the frustrations that lie within the loyal homeowners that, as Dave points out; supported the resort through some terrible times.
      What Reunion Resort is to Salamander right now, has only been made possible by the resident and non resident home owners and members of Reunion Resort.

      Rather than resigning, at this point in time, I suggest encouraging as many people to make their comments on this post and then we open formal discussions with Salamander.
      I am nervous that without some good dialogue, we may well be playing into their hands be handing in our memberships.

      Without doubt a mass resignation would definitely trouble the resort financially as they hand back hundreds of deposits along with the monthly membership dues.
      Even if only a hundred members dropped out, the impact upon the resort would be significant. That of course has a positive and negative outcome for all owners of properties on the resort. Permanent and non permanent residents alike.

      When on vacation, a house guest’s requirements vary considerably.
      Most guests don’t worry too much about the water park or golf. They are after a luxurious high quality location. Reunion Resort is currently unrivalled for that, but the really big draw is six miles away!
      If the Resort management continues to effectively ‘cull’ the membership benefits for private owners, occupancy probably won’t be as adversely affected as the resort might hope.
      People will still make reservations solely for the tranquil, great location and quality homes. Our personal home still has dozens of house guest days left unused, despite great occupancy levels.
      Without the burden of $395 a month, homeowners could drop their prices further, or as some have suggested, offer free golf packages for Championsgate. Furthermore, our returned deposits can go into marketing, home upgrades and more.
      House guests will still book our homes, regardless of the anaemic ‘one day’ a week that their families can visit the water park, regardless of the reports that Resort staff are making things less tolerable for house guests that use the privilege system.
      Surely Reunion Resort can’t believe that guests are really booking our luxury homes based upon one rather awkward visit to a water park?

      The worst consequence of all of this, is that Reunion seem oblivious to the fact that our house guests are spending a fortune in the Resort courtesy of ourselves. Just check your own member statements!
      If 300 homes are generating an average $300 a week of restaurant, bar, in room dining and amenity fees for the resort, I wonder where Reunion thinks next year’s $5m will come from when owners and property managers give up and make deals with other locations?

      Secondly, if wise owners (yep, by definition, that is all of us!) start directing house guests off site to the likes of Championsgate, those guests that are in the market to buy property will be tempted by a much less complicated offering.
      Own goal for the Resort.
      Reunion Resort seems to forget, that many us bought a property on the resort AFTER staying in one of Reunion’s privately owned vacation home at some point!
      Bearing that point in mind, it would be crazy for the Resort to drive our guests unnecessarily off site for their leisure activities.

      The recent management of the resort has shown an amazing indifference to private homeowners, that simply does defy all logic.
      Let’s hope that Salamander can reverse the direction that we are all headed in and rebuild genuine bonds with the private homeowners. It would make good business sense all round.

      I am hopeful that Salamander will intervene and work with us as a team, but in the meantime, let’s use this narrow gap in time to raise our concerns while the Resort seeks a new General Manager.

  10. Well said above Maw Family. A point of clarification though on the deposits from my understanding. If a membership is just handed in then the deposit doesn’t have to be repaid immediately. There is a rule in our contracts where they have to pay out one deposit for every 3 new ones that come in. Thereby we go on a list to receive our deposit back until such time as enough new memberships are signed up. There is already a waiting list. A mass resignation could leave people waiting years to get their deposit funds back.

    So this leaves everyone including Reunion in an awkward spot. Although they would lose a lot of monthly revenue from memberships they would not have to come up with the deposit money as that is funded by new members. It also doesn’t free up money for us for other offerings as you pointed out above although the $395 would do.

    I have 2 memberships myself and am a multiple homeowner. I see the need less and less by day for the need for multiple memberships. I agree with you though that finding a mutual solution is in everyones benefit especially Salamander’s and Reunion’s.

    Its so easy for us to find options simpler than Reunion’s for recreation, food and beverage. Does that improve things for us as users, renters or future sellers? No. Will Reunion as an offering be degraded for all involved. Absolutely. Realtors are already recommending people don’t get memberships and why would any renter that is thinking of buying see value in them when they see the hassle involved and perhaps even more sadly how they were treated.

    Its this final myopic view of things that has me most worried about Reunion, Salamander and Lupert Adler. If you don’t show value no one will buy it. If you treat those that have it already poorly then they will no longer want it. Problem is this has been occurring for the last 4 years but it is accelerating now. I for one have been a big supporter when there of Reunion’s facilities despite their flaws because I want it to work. The problem is you need two to dance and right now that doesn’t feel like its the case. I hope to be proved wrong and cooler heads prevail but I’m pretty fed up.

    Sadly, Maw Family, I think only a serious move from owner/members will convince Salamander to do anything and even then it may be too late. They have opened the door to other communities and are making it far too easy to get a toe in.

    1. I think it rather interesting that the email relating to these issues, which I sent to Reunion and Salamander management, over a week ago has got totally unacknowledged. Not a peep!

  11. Many good and interesting points in the above posts. The encouraging general theme seems to be a willingness among the private home owners to find a balance or working model with Reunion moving forward – only problem is that we have to find out where their balance is and if there is a similar willingness!

    We live overseas so unfortunately cannot make meetings at relatively short notice and haven’t had the opportunity to attend any over the last few years we’ve owned in Reunion. In terms of taking this forward I am not sure how those on the ground and closer to the day-to-day dealings feel is the best way to make a coordinated and controlled approach to Reunion …. Would the ABOG/Management and ABOG/Membership meetings on the 4th and 5th Dec be a good starting point to again raise these genuine concerns and getting meaningful responses from Reunion?


    1. Hi Brian
      I had asked Don Harding (ABOG Chair) to raise private home owner concerns. I talked to him personally by telephone and sent a detailed email.
      I heard nothing in return and suspect that the ABOG is more geared to the resort’s management and the permanent resident members of Reunion.
      I could be wrong, but there isn’t any evidence otherwise.

      I read that now only one post on the Master Association Board is available and that two candidates are running: Chris Brodock (Relator & Property Manager) and Mark Greenstein (retired). An email from the ABOG chair indicates that the latter candidate is preferred.
      I responded to a mail from Aegis asking if I could receive a ballot form. I am still waiting. It would appear that the ballot process is ‘paper mail only’. Of course this excludes most private property owners that are non resident.

      The system that manages Reunion is heavily weighted to those that live or work there.

      It is shameful of Reunion management to construct such a non-democratic system that ignores what is almost certainly the majority ow Reunion Resort property owners.
      My fear is if this continues, the much needed Encore development will have problems convincing prospective buyers to own a property on Reunion Resort.

      I firmly believe that property managers should represent owners at the appropriate levels in a professional manner and that is definitely something we should collectively strive for, but, I am increasingly swaying towards the opinion that Reunion doesn’t and won’t care about rental property owners.

  12. This call for further ABOG Members was mailed out last night.

    It looks as though the Resort management will allow new members to the board that aren’t necessarily permanent residents within the resort.
    The only criteria of interest is that members are paying HOA and Reunion membership.

    This allows for a much more balanced ABOG, and is at least a start for owners of properties that are in private rental programs.

    Let us ask our own property managers to volunteer for the posts where possible.
    We’ve all made some great points on this blog, but let us be fair to the Resort Management for at long last acting in the interests of a better Reunion Resort.

  13. Hello Reunion Property Owners! My name is Chris Brodock. I am a candidate for the Reunion HOA Board of Directors. I own my primary residence in Reunion & have resided in Reunion for 5 years. I have a passion for Reunion to succeed in all aspects & if I am honored the privilege of being elected,. I will be your voice at the HOA meetings. I plan on keeping Reunion Property Owners updated monthly on everything that happens with the HOA during my term by email. Ballots have to be in by Monday November 18,2013. If you need a ballot, I would be more than happy to send you one by scan/email. Then vote & either scan/email or fax directly to Oraine Williams of Aegis Management. Aegis Fax (863) 256-5059 or Email Oraine at If you are a multiple property owner in Reunion then you have a vote for each property. If you have any questions or would like to speak to me,please feel free to either call or email me @ 407-832-1178 or Thanks!! Chris

  14. Having talked to a few reunion members today, I think it would be great if the Resort’s membership team could form some kind of working committee with the Resort’s property managers. This would be an efficient and appropriate way for the Resort’s rental members to resolve their concerns about matters such as house guest privileges and amenity access.

    I think that this blog is great, but, if the resort would facilitate an effective way to improve relationships, we could consider our work done here?

    Any thoughts are most welcome!

  15. I cannot believe that the Reunion Management are being so short sighted here. I also have a property in Reunion which we rent out. I actively encourage all of my guests to go to “Eleven” or “Forte”, go and have a round of golf, use the golf club restaurant and make use of the other facilities. I’ve even taken 16 guests to Eleven and paid over $1000 for a meal with them!!

    This is all revenue to Reunion Resort which I do not get any commission on – I do it because I think that my guests will enjoy it and guests generally go where they are recommended. When the Reunion Sales guy initially took me around the resort back in 2008, THAT was the deal that was sold to me. It really made sense to buy into Reunion and buy into the rather expensive membership that came with it. I spend good money each month for me, my family and those staying at my house to use the facilities we bought into and were promised. Owning a house in Reunion means that I can’t just walk away from that deal and simply say “Oh well…never mind”. Don’t the management actually get that?

    Let’s consider for a moment the direction we are being pushed here. Discriminating against us can only be a ploy to prevent us from having rentals (by trying to make it less attractive). If I didn’t have rentals, I would have an empty house on the resort – is that what Reunion really want? They need to realise that within the resort and with the partnership of the independent owners, we create a captured market condition where we all encourage our guests to use the facilities and the resort benefits from the extra revenue.

    Reunion will never be able to dominate the rental market with their Reunion Rental Programme with the prices they charge for the properties (which in some cases is almost double our prices). They seem to be trying to force their competition (that’s us) out by making it as awkward as they can which in a capitalist market is frowned upon across the world. Here in the UK, the governments “Competitions Commission” would be very interested in this kind of practice and the penalties are high. So how can Reunion get away with it? Using their waterpark as the weapon isn’t going to work either. Are they aware that the vast majority of our guests purchase Disney Park Hopper passes whilst they are staying with us and that this provides for two fabulous water parks in Typhoon Lagoon & Blizzard Beach only minutes away.

    I would imagine that the Reunion Management are simply not seeing what the benefits to the resort are by the independent home owners. They listen to us all individually and as we are not one voice, they continue to treat us and our guests like an unimportant minnow. We are, together, a huge part of Reunion and should be heard as such, we are their ambassadors and I personally have persuaded at least two families to buy a house there.

    Let’s also consider the logic and fairness of their action. I pay as much money for my membership as people who live at the resort full time. When I am in the UK, I cannot use the water park of course so is it fair that I pay as much as permanent residents who get to use it every day? No it’s not, but as a compensation, I can justify the monthly fee because I have people staying at my house who should be able to use the facilities in my absence.

    Come on Reunion Management, pull your heads out and start seeing the complete picture. Just honour what your predecessors sold us, treat us like partners rather than pains in the arse and give a fair deal to everyone. In the UK, home owners who don’t own up to all the “warts and all” information of the house they are selling can later get sued…This fiasco is growing and is starting to become a really big “Wart” for any owner or potential owner at Reunion. I’d be interested to see what the law in the U.S is on this subject.


  16. It has been a good week since we sent a note to a number of senior people at Reunion Resort about the concerns of Reunion’s private rental home owners. We will report back as soon as we hear any response.
    Hopefully we can discuss a few ways forward with them.
    Please add any comments with any specific thoughts on how we can improve the way that we and the resort can work together.
    I will forward that to the management of the resort.


    1. That is good to hear, I received no acknowledgement of an email I sent to membership, the general manager and the VP of Salamander. I would make the following points:

      – Reunion could do a lot more to advertise their facilities and activities to those checking in on the property, e.g. at the gates, perhaps they could hand out a weekly activity sheet with events, menus etc. to encourage more business.
      – If Reunion were to reinstate the shuttle to all guests. It would mean more guests would use the hotel and restaurants on site, especially if they wish to drink.
      – The requirement for all guests to present ID at the water park, without somewhere to secure passports is an accident waiting to happen and a double standard.
      – The poor treatment of non Reunion guests should be carefully considered, ultimately the reviews of guests whether they are resort of private will ultimately reflect on the resort as a whole. I believe that the payment of $400 a month warrants the courteous and professional treatment of any guests I would host in my resort home.
      – I would ask them to reconsider their promotion of direct booking at membership office and water park. In all likelihood these are guests who would never stay in Reunion unless the independent option was available to them. We understand we are not offering the same product and make that clear when they are booking with us.
      – I would ask that the resort would re establish the excellent working relationship it previously had with our chosen management company representatives. In our case we were forced to go the route of the independent having being twice unsuccessful in joining the Reunion rental programme and having had a very costly experience with one of their preferred management companies.

      Those are my thoughts for now, I hope they add to the effort and look forward to hearing any feedback.

  17. We’d heard that despite receiving a good number of votes, Chris Brodock was not elected for the post on the Master Board.
    If anyone has an update, please post.

  18. Recently one of our homeowners wrote to Encore asking for some clarity to the future plans of Reunion and Encore’s projects, this was the reply he received

    “The first community we are developing is The Ridge at Reunion, which is not located on a golf course.That will have a clubhouse and waterpark amenity that will only be available to its residents.
    If and when there is a community built on the west side golf course with a clubhouse, your access to that will depend on Lubert Adler.
    Lubert Adler is the developer for your community, not Encore”

    Does this mean that there may not be a Westside Clubhouse? Having attended the announcement meeting held earlier this year I like most other owner/members in that room thought that the resort was finally going to get the long awaited clubhouse on the Westside, so are we back to the old Ginn days and merely being duped for someone elses gain? It definitely begs the question!

  19. Following the recent HOA Master board vote, it became clear that Lubert Adler appear to have a significant influence over the day to day running of the HOA, including the voting process.
    I don’t have any evidence, but I understand that the recent board meeting had a number of discrepancies that perhaps indicated that Chris Brodock never really stood a chance of being elected onto the HOA, irrespective of how many votes were cast. For example, the number of votes cast weren’t disclosed and I was under the impression, that even if he had been voted in, the board could immediately remove a candidate.

    I had spoken to Chris recently and hopefully he can relay his rather amazing experience as an HOA board candidate in a post on here.

    Although, in the big picture, the HOA post wasn’t a huge thing, it does make you realise that the Resort is an oddity. I’m not sure that a mature HOA should be operated by the developer. It is more usual to be represented in the main by those that fund it; the homeowners.

    Equally the Lubert Adler/Encore/Reunion Resort relationship is far from straight forward. Each party seems to have a different direction and brief.
    Amazingly this dichotomy adversely affects the people that really count, both present and future: home owners.

    When we posted this blog, we hoped to create a voice that could help raise the attention of home owners’ frustrations.
    Although nothing has changed, it becomes more clear that existing home owners might seriously wish to consider a resort ‘without practical access to amenities’.
    Equally, prospective Encore owners should perhaps expect a very uneven playing field, not be relied upon in the future.

    If you think about it:
    Any resort that fails to allow fully paid up members and their guests access to a golf course, a clubhouse or a water park, is clearly going to struggle with the bigger things in life such as the development and management of a very large, high end and beautiful golf resort.

    While we await the appointment of a new General Manager, I am under the impression that we can expect little response from Salamander.
    Whoever takes that role has huge opposition from a number of areas right now, and not least the existing homeowners of the Resort, the people that enabled Salamander to put a balance sheet and P&L together in the very first place!

  20. First of All I would like to thank all the Reunion Property Owners whom supported me in the HOA Board of Directors Election.

    It came to my attention at the HOA meeting, that this was the first election ever for the Reunion HOA Board of Directors, for all Board of Directors currently on the board were appointed by the Developer whom controls the HOA due to the amount of property the developer owns in the community.

    It was also stated before the election count at the HOA Meeting that regardless of the outcome of the election; under the sole discretion of the developer, the developer still had the right to remove & replace the elected member.

    So if I won, there may have been possibility of me being removed from the board.

    The Reunion Property Owners whom are non-residents & independent management companies that represent the non-residents need a voice.

    I am volunteering my time to form a group that will represent the best interests of the owners & be a voice for issues to be addressed in person at the meetings of the HOA, Golf/Social Membership,& CDD, Also to keep all property owners & independent management companies whom represent non residents within this group informed of current events.

    In order for the group to be a success & be taken seriously, we must have as many Reunion Property Owners as we can get to join.

    I need the Reunion Property owners interested in joining this group to email and state your interest to join.

    Chris Brodock

    1. Many thanks for attending the meeting as a potential candidate Chris, and also for the update.

      From your blog post, it looks clear that we do not have a Homeowners Association at all in the conventional sense of the use of that term. In effect the developer has not yet handed over to the Home Owners at all as Lubert Adler own the majority of the ‘Land’ at Reunion.
      At Reunion Resort we have the bizarre situation where we actually have an LOA or Landowners association rather than an HOA.

      This odd situation further serves that there’s more to be resolved at Reunion Resort from a homeowner’s point of view than the membership issues as we are as homeowners under the mercy of many influential groups that do not and probably will not include the views and requirements of homeowners in the near future.

      Would it be fair to assume that the new Encore development will be part of the same HOA as ours? If so, prospective buyers are destined to encounter similar frustrations.

      Up until this post of yours, we have always been in the frame of mind to await the new General manager at Reunion Resort to resolve membership and other issues, but I now think that this HOA matter brings to light that more work needs to be done to balance representation in a number of areas.

      Yes, we now feel that there is no other option than to join a group that works in a focussed and professional manner.

      1. Thanks for the update Chris from the HOA and offer of your time.

        If I understand the outcome and comments it seems to confirm what’s appears to be evident up to now in that Reunion/developer have us over a barrel!! Irrespective of the issues with guest passes & water park (and they way our guests are treated) I think the fact we don’t have a voice of any kind within the running etc of the HOA is as important an issue to resolve. So I take it then that it is only resident home owners who are on the HOA and/or employees of the developer / Reunion? Does anyone know the breakdown in numbers, i.e. how many private home owners who use private Managment companies are there in Reunion compared to resident (and vacant houses)?

        I wrote to Reunion Management 3 weeks ago asking for clarification of the guest issues, charges etc and have yet to have a reply of even acknowledgment of my letter. I intend to chase up later this week after the various Board meetings being held.

        With regards to forming a group for home owners what will be the goal or preferred outcome? What would be the intended route to influence anything on the basis that we do not have a representative on the HOA and no one can get near to Management?

        Apologies there are more questions than answers but I don’t know enough about the set up to suggest solutions. I am really struggling to understand the way Management are dealing with what is obviously a very contentious issue(s), that has been ongoing for months now, from owners who have invested significant amounts of money into the complex. I am all for a balanced view and professional/business negotiations which I hope takes shape over the coming weeks but so far the nice and softly softly approach many of us seem to have taken is being ignored.


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