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Board Position Vote Form

A vote to elect a candidate to the Master Board will take place shortly.  The deadline for votes is the 18th November.

After several emails, I discovered that board voting forms had been sent to our resort addresses only.  Rather than our domestic addresses.
A disappointing outcome, considering that the vast majority of Reunion members do not live on Reunion.

I have included a copy of the form at the foot of this blog post.
There are two candidates, and I have met neither.  All I know is that I have just submitted my vote for Chris Brodock to Oraine Williams at Aegis, who confirmed that my vote would be counted.

I voted for Chris, as I believe as a realtor and property manager on Reunion Resort, he may be able to help ease the feeling that many non resident members of Reunion Resort have.  It would be great if he could bring some changes that enable private homeowners to be consulted and represented within the Reunion Resort system.

Please feel free to vote as you please.  This is of course a democracy!

Board Vote Form

Complete the form above and mail to Aegis Community Management and be sure to seek confirmation that your email vote will be counted.


  1. This vote is rigged. Obviously they have all of our owners addresses and know fully well that we will not get the notification if they sent it to a unit on the rental program.

  2. Hi Norm
    My vote was accepted by email today, so hopefully any further votes can be also.
    I would go for it and let us know what happens!

  3. Hello Reunion Property Owners! My name is Chris Brodock. I am a candidate for the Reunion HOA Board of Directors. I own my primary residence in Reunion & have resided in Reunion for 5 years. I have a passion for Reunion to succeed in all aspects & if I am honored the privilege of being elected,. I will be your voice at the HOA meetings. I plan on keeping Reunion Property Owners updated monthly on everything that happens with the HOA during my term by email. Ballots have to be in by Monday November 18,2013. If you need a ballot, I would be more than happy to send you one by scan/email. Then vote & either scan/email or fax directly to Oraine Williams of Aegis Management. Aegis Fax (863) 256-5059 or Email Oraine at If you are a multiple property owner in Reunion then you have a vote for each property. If you have any questions or would like to speak to me,please feel free to either call or email me @ 407-832-1178 or Thanks!! Chris

  4. Good luck with the vote Chris, we really need a balanced representation and I feel that you can do this in the interests of all of the stakeholders at Reunion Resort!

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