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Should I buy a home on Reunion Resort?

To answer your question, in a very direct way, yes, I certainly would buy on the Resort.

My reasons are really simple, the properties are outstanding value right now and the returns from rentals will almost certainly offer a surlpus if you choose the right program to place them into.   So, being open and honest, and without any agenda, yes, we would recommend buying on Reunion and we have never regretted our investment at all.

With regards to the Resort management, we do all live in hope that Salamander do break the cycle of ongoing restrictions placed upon private homeowners, and lets hope that the new managing director, Carlton Grant, will settle into his role and begin rebuilding bridges with us.  The resort would probably like everyone to place their homes into their program, and not those of the private property managers.  With that in mind, I certainly wouldn’t anticipate anything changing re water park or golf usage for your rental guests in the foreseeable future.   This isn’t a huge problem re a return on investment though, just a complete pain for the private property managers, but they do a good job of it all.

To proceed, find a great home, check similar properties for occupancy and night rates and work out a P&L, but always make sure you’ve weighed up utility costs and property taxes before committing.

If you do all of that, you will have a fabulous time with your Reunion home, and most likely raise enough cash to fund your vacations, while at the same time enjoying capital growth!

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