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No Mention of Biggest Issues For Private Owners at ABOG

I was just reading through the March 20th 2014 ABOG minutes over breakfast.

A few things really jumped out that offered a lot of promise about Reunion in general.  Firstly the beginning of a new era under the experience of Carlton Grant as the resort’s Managing Director, good news indeed as he joins us Hammock Beach.
Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, the great news that Reunion actually made a modest profit for the very first time in its history.

In the ‘neutral ground’ Encore’s development over on Reunion West is still under discussion, and agreement is said to be possible ‘reasonably soon’.
What that means to current and future homeowners and members remains to be seen and clearly centres very much around the usage and scope of the Nicklaus Course Clubhouse and other amenities.

Interestingly, there was no mention of concern from members re House Guest Privileges for the guests of privately managed properties on Reunion Resort.
It occurred to me that either; private members aren’t raising the concerns to the ABOG for whatever reason, or that the concerns are raised but aren’t being discussed.

It is probably a good time, now that Carlton is on board, to raise any specific concerns in time for the next scheduled ABOG meeting.
Please mail Mark Greenstein at with your suggestions or concerns asap.




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  1. Hi Dopey, all done sent to Mark & Richard @ ABOG ( OUR VOICE) and requested that it be brought up at next meeting I have requested to put a stop at the water park entrance for ADULT GUESTS of private rental owners having to produce PHOTO I.D.

    Also sent a part e mail from a good source that stated “a family and two little girls with swim rings on were turned away in tears because water park entrance could not find the H.G card paperwork” !
    Have also requested: “LETS MAKE ALL GUESTS RESORT & PRIVATE REUNION V.I.P.’s ” Roy

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