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Today we received a copy of the official Reunion Resort and Club Vacation Rental Program proposal in our mail.

Reading through the very kind offer to manage our luxury home on Reunion, we couldn’t help think that Reunion may have overlooked the simple fact that they ‘haven’t exactly won us over’ as a potential partner during the last few years.

Customer care should never be selective, and sometimes it is quite difficult to comprehend that we are in fact, Reunion Resort members, despite faithfully promoting the resort’s amenities and restaurants to all of our guests.
(Reunion appears to have made it harder for private home guests to use the resort amenities, and various services such as ‘in room dining’ and the ‘resort shuttle bus’, have been withdrawn for our guests)

Quite ‘what on earth’ Reunion could offer us to switch from using our independent property manager is beyond us, especially now that we’ve built a trusting relationship.
With regards to reservation performance, we fail to see any mind blowing occupancy rates on the existing Officially managed Reunion properties, and nor do we feel that our privately managed home’s occupancy is lacking, (despite the increasing difficulty in offering our guests access to the resort’s amenities).

When it comes to profitability, sure, saving a couple hundred dollars a month on membership with the new Official program sounds appealing, but no way does that make sense to us, when you consider the 30% booking commission that Reunion is applying to reservations.

We’re glad we list our home with an independent property management company, but most importantly that we can reach the owners of the business personally, any day of the year.

Updated Post
We’ve just compared the P&L for our own particular 5 Bedroom Estate home and using the latest offer from Reunion our calculations, we would be over $12kpa* worse off if we switched to Reunion Resort’s Official Rental Program.
(This would be even worse, by the time you add in costs to re-equip the home for rental with Reunion)


  • Comparison to one of Reunion’s private management companies
  • Identical night rates
  • Owner pays cleaning costs for bookings over 7 days (50% of bookings)
  • Utilities the same
  • 50% off Social membership from Reunion
  • 70% rental income from Reunion
  • 60% occupancy (as we currently attain)
  • No management fee from Reunion

Please note, that we must point out that every home will understandably differ, and utility costs, occupancy levels etc will vary between homes, but we think that our own situation shows a realistic comparison between our chosen independent property manager and our current understanding of the Official Reunion Resort Rental program.


  1. We have not been invited ! which is sad ! However, dopey your reply was perfect and must give confidence to the many good property managers.

  2. Thank you Roy!
    We will always try and post factually with good information about matters like this, and your comments are greatly appreciated.
    Good luck to all of the privately operated management companies that have worked so hard in promoting the resort and keeping the resort occupied through the recession!
    While we do confess to having our own favorite property manager, recognition must go to all of the large and very professional businesses that take care of the vast majority of luxury homes on Reunion!

    By the way, don’t worry, the offer will be on its way no doubt! 😉

  3. I received my copy of the new rental program and I agree, there are much better property management opportunities for property owners. I am not a fan of the way they conduct their business. I recently heard that Reunion Resort is actively marketing to house guests that are renting from private owners or property managers. I feel that this is unfair and unethical. Here is what they are doing. When an owner or property manager extends a water park access pass to a house guest, the house guest must check in with the membership office to pick up the passes. When at the membership office, the house guests are asked to provide their home address, phone number and email address. This information is stored and used to market to them directly in the future.

    1. Thanks so much for this info.
      That kind of activity does not surprise me one bit.
      Amazing that they would use membership cards as a marketing strategy!
      Kind of shows me that they are prepared to try and hurt private owners in order to encourage us to switch to their rental program.

      I wonder what kind of marketing company punishes future clients?

      Could you imagine an airline company blocking off access to a rival’s baggage pick up point, only letting passengers past if they handed over their contact info?
      Yeah of course they’d switch to them next time round!

      Another epic fail to win over hearts and minds of private vacation home owners!!

      1. When will they ever learn ? To try and market to our guests/friends is disgusting. My business logo was “LET’s WORK TOGETHER” The sooner our NEW General manager and his staff learn this the better. Roy

      2. I have just been informed that in the U.S. you have “CONFIDENTIALITY PROTECTION” which i reckon means that “THEY SHOULD NOT SOLICIT PERSONAL INFORMATION” I assume therefore what there doing is “Illegal”

        OK guys where do we go from here Mr Dopey ! Roy


  4. Hi Guys, I have it in writing that the membership office is “requesting” personal information from OUR guests/friends when they collect their HG cards. They say its legal because its a “transaction on Reunion property” It is my opinion that it is not a transaction and maybe against Florida privacy laws. ! Do we have any legal beaver owners out there who can voice an opinnion.

    1. I had also had a similar response from the resort.
      My understanding of privacy law is that data can be collected for a specific use, ie to validate identity, but other than that, permission should be sought to use it for other purposes, such as marketing.
      It will be interesting to see if the Resort is bold enough to contact our guests in this way.

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