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Reunion Resort Communal Pool Access – Member Cards Now Required

One keen eyed owner sent this image in to me.
Signs are now springing up at the communal pools with the following reading;

The use of this Pool is exclusively for
the following guests with approved resort cards;

Reunion Resort Members
Official Reunion Resort Villa and Home Rental Guests
Official Reunion Resort Registered House Guests
CLUB WYNDHAM & WorldMark By Wyndham Guests
Reunion Resort Preferred Partner Rental Guests

Almost all of the resort pools are expected to gain the signs, with the exception of pools operated by the CDD (ie Seven Eagles).

It really does look as though the resort is intent on breaking any goodwill that ever existed between private vacation home owners and the resort’s current management.

Owners of pool homes will probably not even notice the new changes, as they and their guests opt to make use of their home’s private luxury pools, but beleaguered condo owners without membership will now have to face up to life of owning a home in the Resort without access to its nearest pool.

My thoughts continue along the lines of “Reunion continues to alienate itself from loyal owners that have supported the Resort through many desperate years!’

Pool Member Card Sign


    1. Hi – I just bought a condo there right across from a pool on Sandy Ridge Dr. Our realtor never mentioned this conflict!
      Please keep me informed!
      Thank You.

      1. Congratulations on the purchase of your condo.
        To be fair to your realtor, nobody that I have met was aware that this was expected.
        It’s a good indicator however of the way that the resort, which is fundamentally a community of private residential and vacation homes treats its homeowners.

        On the bright side, you’ve got a fabulous home on Reunion, and to add to that, there’s also unlimited access to the Seven Eagles clubhouse and pool, which is not under the control of Reunion.

        So please feel free to enjoy your condo to the full and enjoy the resort’s best pool , (in my opinion), without any restrictions whatsoever!

  1. Nothing that the Reunion Management do to destroy their owner/member’s private rents will surprise me. Why cannot they learn to accept to “WORK TOGETHER” WITH “their owners /members” They are beyond belief, why dont they just offer to “buy out” ALL owners ?
    Thank God that Seven Eagles Pool is owned by the County !

  2. I was speaking to realtor friend who mentioned that they as realtor were given to understand that the use of all the pools was covered under our HOA fees so I checked out the HOA/Aegis website and under FAQs I found the following:

    Q: Am I required to pay rent or land fees for recreational or other commonly used facilities? If so, how much am I obligated to pay annually.

    A: All facilities are available for regular use by owners, their families, guests and invitees, at no additional charge to the owners.

      1. Thanks Catherine!
        I did email Bev Kelber at Reunion’s membership office yesterday asking for clarification.
        I have not heard back so far.

  3. Following an email from the membership office, my understanding is that the signage is being applied to the following resort pools;
    Eleven, Center Court Ridge, Villas South, Villas North, and the Water Park

    Probably, the other pools are not owned by Reunion and shall be available to all resort guests on an unrestricted basis?

    1. That doesn’t really help me, when my guests are sitting looking across at the pool and I’m trying to tell them ‘well actually you can’t use that pool but if you drive to the following location you can use that pool….’

      I heard back from the Aegis person (Debbie) and she said they were unaware of the signage but look into it and get back to me. She described it as a ‘game changer’. She also said that the HOA does not have control of the community pools they all remain in the hands of the resort and it would only be if the resort was complete and the pools handed over to the Aegis would they ever have a say in their running. I asked what recreational areas and facilities does the HOA control, as per the line in the FAQs on their website, and she said in the case of Reunion none. When I said the line was somewhat misleading she said Reunion was complicated…now there is a news flash for us all!

      My realtor friend was very interested too as she was saying that it would be very difficult to sell new properties based on this change in the regulations as the general understanding of realtors dealing with Reunion is that the community facilities were in the hands of the HOA and available for the use of all property owners.

      1. As an add on, our nearest pool from Villas North would be Seven Eagles over a mile away, although there are 3 pools (two of which are within walking distance) and a water park are all closer.

      2. So Catherine, can I ask you a question;
        Does this make you want to switch to the Reunion Resort Rental Program?

      3. No Kev, it does not.

        When we bought first in Reunion in 2009, Reunion Rental Program wait listed us for over 12 months while they decided if they wanted our property or not in their program. When they eventually decided they didn’t want us and recommended we go to one of their preferred management companies. Thinking it was the only option available to us, we did just that. We had our property furnished to their 5* standard and entered their rental program. The result was a catastrophe, we had huge bills every month and less minimal occupancy. We tried to negotiate with them to make the relationship work but they were inflexible and our 18 month relationship ended with us out of pocket to the tune of a rather hefty sum. When we finally started the search for a new management company about 18 months ago, we did approach Reunion about re-entering their program and they wanted $500 just to access the property and although we had furnished our home to the 5* level of their preferred management company our home would need to be upgraded and partially refurnished. Thanks but no thanks.

        The bottom line is Reunion has literally forced us down the route of independent management and we are delighted with our current arrangement. I would be very reluctant to put my home in the hands of any management company who would not allow me to supplement their books with ones of my own, as my experience of such an arrangement has not been a positive one.

  4. Why was I surprised to see this blog about access to what I was always “sold” was Heritage Crossing Community pool. We bought the property specifically located where it is, because of the pool. Having the pool there surely adds value to the property. I am not looking for compensation on the loss in value on the property. 1. that would never happen and 2. It is simply not what we want. We were golf and social members for a number of years as we were told we could not rent out our property without it. After changing rental management, we wisened up to a lot of sound advice. I think we have all bought into a lot of promises, negative equity e.a. and we are still waiting. To “take away” the pool is an insult. I am from the UK and am not familiar with HOA. When asked what this was for the answer back was “for communal upkeep”. Surely the pool is part of that.
    Moreover, how come I have got to find this out thru my independent rental manager, whom was copied this blog. Absolutely disgusting that as a homeowner you are simply not being consulted and not even informed!
    Lieke Swann Heriage Crossing B1

    1. As I understand it Lieke Heritage Crossing pool is one of the pools that doesn’t have the aforementioned sign on it, but it seems that can change at any time at the discretion of resort management. And apparently it is not the HOA which owns and oversees the pools it is the resort.

  5. From the CDD document online (Oct 3rd 2014)

    Click to access NonresidentUserBrochurefinal.pdf

    The following amenities are said to be part of the CDD

    Seven Eagles: Pool, Spas, Fitness Room, Game Room, and Linear Park
    Homestead: Pool
    Carriage Point: Pool
    Heritage Crossing: 2 Pools
    The Terraces: Pool
    Horse Stables

    I have confirmation from the CDD District Manager; George Flint that it is impossible for the Resort Management to interfere with access to these pools.

  6. What will their next tactic be???? When will Salamander wake up and start to make decisions that are for the good publicity and prosperity of the resort. As independent management companies we strive to ensure our guests have a memorable time on the resort but what will they go away with ? Another negative impression of the Reunion Resort so well done Salamander!

    1. Have just noticed the “signage word” “OFFICIAL” !

      I suggest that any guest of an Owner/Member is an “OFFICIAL GUEST” Roy

      1. Hi Roy,
        I asked Bev Kelber for clarification on this on Thursday.
        I am still awaiting her reply.
        ‘Official Reunion Resort Registered House Guests’ can mean holders of house guest privilege cards, or guests of homes in the Official rental program.

  7. Hi- my wife and I just bought into a condo across from Sandy Ridge pool. What was once free access, we know have to pay a Membership dues for our rental guests.
    This does not seem fair.
    What management company do you think works best under these conditions?

    1. Hi
      As mentioned in another post in this chain, don’t worry.
      It’s a few minutes drive, but the 7 Eagles pool is much better and not owned by the resort.
      In answer to your other question, the management companies all do a fabulous job of looking after guests, so choose the one that works best for you.
      Speak to them all and make your choice.

      On a personal note however, I will NEVER use the Reunion Official program as I don’t appreciate the feeling of being taken hostage by their latest tactics.

      Good luck Doug and please don’t worry about owning your condo.
      It won’t get any fewer bookings because of this change!
      Seven Eagles is fabulous!

  8. Write to ABOG & Reunions G.M “Grant” and request reversal Roy
    I have just e mailed both Mark Greenstein and Richard Sawyer of OUR ABOG requesting that they support Marc wallace’s e mail to Reunions G.M.

  9. In support of Marc Wallace’s letter I sent the following email to Charlon Grant, General Manager, Reunion Resort and to my total amazement I have received an offer to meet tomorrow (Monday). I would point out that I do not feel it within my capacity to represent all independents, but my story I think reflects a number of your experiences. If there are any key issues which you feel I might raise along with the pool access, please let me know.

    Dear Mr. Grant,

    The change in the Reunion pool access policy is the final straw in a long line of changes made by the resort. As things now stand I cannot see any reason why my husband and I, as non resident homeowners should continue to support Reunion Resort when you are not supporting us.

    For the past 5½ years we have been doing our best to make a difficult situation work. We are now able to bring in additional business to the resort. Business I might add which could greatly contribute to promoting the resort, real estate, services as well as increasing Reunion’s revenue intake, were our friends, family and guests not treated like second class citizens.

    I would appreciate knowing if Reunion Resort is interested in my continuing as an owner and member? We are in town at the moment and would be happy to meet to discuss these issues.


    1. I bet you are right on target here for most of us Catherine!

      Sure, we can understand that Reunion is trying to increase its rental program. We have no problem with that, but I have to agree; Why is the resort turning against the very people that firmly supported and helped keep it in business for so long?

      How would Reunion like it if we all printed flyers to hand to our guests or emailed them to act against the Resort?
      The resort’s recent actions can only be described as ‘desperate and amateurish!’

      More and more negative Tripadvisor’s comments are inevitable as rental home guests quite rightly refuse to accept, that dreadful access to the resort amenities is anything other than a self inflicted mess that the Resort fully deserves to be taken into account for!

      1. Your story is a great refelction of the disgracful anti, negative behaviour of “bad management” When i was in business before we sold out with over 200 staff and a $40m turnover i had a sign on my desk for ALL to see “Lets Work Together” It would be nice for Reunion to adopt this ! Well done to evrybody who have made comments please ask other owner/members “To Make Their Voice Heard” We ourselves have brought 300 friends/guests to Reunion through our direct marketing most of whom were going to stay at other Resorts or holiday destinations. We are all saying “enough is enough” Roy

    2. Catherine-
      Even though we are new owners of a condo in Reunion, we support and appreciate your efforts for improving our ability for our guests to use amenities. Thank You


    Dear Carlton
    I’ve been a member of Reunion Resort since 2010.
    In that time I have always recognised that the resort had some failings, but I decided to place my faith in the management team of this potentially wonderful resort.
    During my time as an owner, I have invested over $1m and have played a small, but no doubt important part in the resort’s ability to survive the recession, bringing around 100 affluent visitors to our home on Muirfield Loop.

    From my membership statements and talks with our guests, I could probably attribute a resort spend of at least $100k via our home in that time, aside from HOA and membership fees.
    In return however, the resort, has continually made obstructive changes to my family’s investment within Reunion.

    Unnecessarily administrative membership access rules have been introduced in an era that ironically embraces streamlined, rather than complicated processes.
    Our house guest details are even being harvested, no doubt for Reunion’s own marketing efforts?
    Now, the removal of access, to the common resort amenities appears to be the latest challenge owners and their guests must endure.

    Most disappointingly, all of the above, has been conducted without debate or consensus from the membership.

    As Reunion Resort strives to secure a stronger vacation home portfolio of its own, it seems clear that the continued alienation of owners will ensure that nobody could ever trust Reunion with such a precious investment as a condo or estate home.
    The amenities are without doubt an attractive aspect of life on the resort, but most of us clearly understand that the resort’s management is mistaken if it thinks that amenities are the ultimate reason that our guests stay in our homes.

    Never before, have I ever heard of a luxury accommodation business that seems so intent on ensuring that the people that own the resort’s main stock of accommodation, actually mistrusts the resort team around it.
    Surely someone at Reunion Resort has the stature and grace to recognise this Carlton, and we are all waiting to see if you have the ability to operate the resort with EVERY single stakeholder, rather than just Reunion, in mind.

    I, and every other homeowner within Reunion Resort, would be pleased to hear your response.
    We’d also be pleased if you took a partnership spirit with homeowners, and we look forward to the day that either happens.

    Yours sincerely

    K Maw

    1. K, What a great considered open letter to Carlton, I urge ALL owner/members who receive this blog to also do the same. I also would encourage the “Blog” to find ways of extending the Blog to all owners, e.g. by asking all HOA’s to e mail their members asking if they would like to receive the Blog ! Or locating the home address’s of all owners?
      How sad that we the owner/members and investors have to spend our time “FIGHTING” management, the ENEMY ! Roy

  11. Morning all,

    I’ve just returned from our meeting with Charlton Grant, General Manager, Reunion Resort and here is my unvarnished feedback.

    I explained our history with Reunion and how ultimately we were forced to go the route of running our business as an independent. Mr Grant explained his history with Reunion and although new to the job in the resort, he has had a 10 year relationship with Reunion and sees it having a very bright future. Although sympathetic to our situation he pointed out that Reunion has not changed it’s policy in relation to the resort pools, that the term “community pools” was a misnomer and anyone giving a different impression was misleading.

    My overall reading of the meeting we had is Reunion Resort are not interested in working with independents or independent management companies in any shape or form. They no longer have any preferred management companies and in the improved economic climate are happily going it alone. Our contribution (as independents) to resort income is of no interest to them and their sole goal is to sell memberships and have that membership and their direct rentals pay for the up keep of the Resort and it’s amenities. They want to protect the amenities for the sole use of the members, Reunion guests and guests with valid passes and are unconcerned that the amenities are lying idle the majority of the time.

    He was eager to persuade us to engage with the Reunion Rental Program, although the villas are not currently being offered the new more advantageous terms the homes have recently been offered. I indicated to Mr Grant that we will need to consider our position as members going forward and at this point we would prefer to be members in a place where that membership relationship is valued. He disagreed with my summation but I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

    Suffice to say the “Let’s work together” hope we have as independents is a long long way off. I suspect it is not a realistic hope unless we succumb to Reunion’s recruitment tactics.

    1. Catherine, your time and effort has been fabulous and I guess now, we can focus our efforts on ensuring that our amazing homes are enjoyed by all of our guests without the support of the resort management.

      Your meeting has now cemented in my mind that I no longer wish to support a resort that does not value me.
      Lot’s of thinking for us all to do, and let’s keep working together to bring about some great teamwork to ‘turn the other cheek’.

      We are more profitable as independents, and as we’ve mentioned many times before, I can’t imagine that anyone would place their home with the resort after reading the experiences and emotions expressed in this blog.

      LET’S WORK TOGETHER with each other and our property managers, to find better amenities for our guests to access, better restaurants to dine in and of course a more welcoming attitude to guests.

      1. I’d be in favour of that Kev, though as a condo owner it leaves me with the on main problem, that of local pool access for my guests.

      2. Hi Catherine,
        The Seven Eagles Pool is really a great permanent option.
        If transportation is an issue, maybe we can work together to find a great cab service/shuttle to get people from the affected condos to the alternative pools, including Seven Eagles?

        Let’s not let the Resort Management affect the enjoyment of your guests!

      3. Thanks Kev, I must say my spirits have been low after today’s meeting and I’m finding it difficult to go back to my loyal guests, who are returning to me year after year and tell them things have once again changed at Reunion and during their next visit to Reunion they may be kicked out if they try and us the pool on our doorstep, I don’t quite know how to begin that conversation! Or to market my home going forward. I’d be grateful for any suggestions.

      4. I would be interested in what home owners were offered above villa owners.
        Also, how are they going to Inforce the rules of nonmember pool usage!

      5. Hi Doug,

        The homes are getting a 70/30 split as well as reduced membership, where condos are still getting a 50/50 split and no change in membership as I understand it. Although this is supposed to be coming up for review.


      6. Hope I am not naive, but what is a 50/50 split? I think all independent investors make their voice clear for equal and fair treatment. Thanks so much for your leadership in these matters! Doug

        Sent from my iPhone


      7. Hi Doug,

        The 50/50 split is for each rental Reunion put in your home they keep 50% and give the owner 50% as far as I know they also have addition fees for marketing and cleaning etc. For the homes they keep 30% and they have dispensed with the marketing fee. You would need to talk to them to get all the ins and outs of it.


      8. I and Marcus have just had a reply from “Carlton Grant G.M.” he states: “From day one the use of Reunion pools by owner/members has always been a PRIVILEGE” ! Can anybody tell me or show me when we all invested in Reunion where this was stated ? Roy

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