Questions Sent To Carlton Grant – October 10th 2014

UPDATE: Please read the official response from Carlton Grant received after precisely two months on Dec 10th 2014.

Click this PDF link:  Response From Carlton Grant
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On Friday October 10th, I had a call arranged with Carlton Grant (General Manager of Reunion Resort), regarding my open letter posted earlier this month.

Just before the call, I mailed over most of the following points to help the conversation stay on track.
As a result, Carlton asked for a postponement of that call in order to clarify the points with other members of his team.
Hopefully, we can get some great answers back to some important questions.
Due to the fact that it has been a while since that call was cancelled, I thought it might help to make everyone aware of the questions currently raised about matters affecting owners;

  • Are there any private rental owners or property managers on the ABOG?
  • Will house guest contact details for house guest privilege cards be used by Reunion for marketing purposes?
  • Private Rental owners generally feel ‘unwanted’ and ‘unappreciated’ by the resort management. Assuming that they continue to remain private owners, is that belief correct?
  • Is the ‘Resort spend’ by private owners’ guests of value to the resort?
    Are the positive posts and links about Reunion amenities on owners’ websites of value?
  • Will the management adopt consultation processes with members for major changes that affect membership?
  • Will the resort open up membership opportunities (This was badly worded, but should have asked whether Reunion will relax the access rules and processes for private rental home guests).
  • Is management planning to further restrict access for private rental guests
  • Would you prefer us to leave our memberships
  • How will reunion win hearts and minds
  • Have condo owners been offered the same enhanced deal as estate home owners
  • Have existing reunion program owners been offered the enhanced package
  • Which Pools are under the control of Reunion CDD.
    • ANSWER: George S. Flint, District Manager of the CDD confirmed that the following facilities are under the control of the CDD:
      • Seven Eagles: Pool, Spas, Fitness Room, Game Room, and Linear Park
      • Homestead: Pool
      • Carriage Point: Pool
      • Heritage Crossing: 2 Pools
      • The Terraces: Pool
      • Horse Stables
  • If they are under the control of the CDD, is it also correct, that restrictions can not be placed on these areas by Salamander?
    • ANSWER: George S. Flint, District Manager of the CDD confirmed that Amenities under their control may be used without restriction by any resort guest, including non members.
    • George also kindly confirmed that no plans currently exist to hand control of the CDD amenities to Salamander.
  • Could you clarify the following comment on the HOA FAQs for Villas North
    • Q: Am I required to pay rent or land use fees for recreational or other commonly used facilities? If so, how much am I obligated to pay annually?
    • A: All facilites are available for regular use by owners, their families, guests and invitees, at no additional charge to the owners.
    • ANSWER: Oraine Williams confirmed that the FAQ was incorrect
  • Does the above FAQ Answer apply to all Condo owners in the Resort?
    • ANSWER: Oraine Williams confirmed that the FAQ was incorrect

My fairly straightforward questions were sent to Carlton on Friday October 10th.
On October 21st, I was advised by Carlton that he is preparing the various questions posted in my email.
As of December 6th 2014, I had not had any answers from Reunion.
Thanks as always to Oraine Williams (Aegis HOA) and George S Flint (CDD) who were very prompt with answers to some of the questions while we awaited Carlton Grant.

I will update with any further developments.


  1. Thank you for the post. We have owned at Reunion since 2004 with multiple memberships on our Reunion houses. As an overseas private renter, we bring over 800 days of guests into the resort every year.

    In the early days, we valued the Reunion membership and attend both the Ginn Open events and the Homecoming concerts. More recently, we see the membership as being of little or no value to the overseas Reunion owner. We are also becoming increasingly frustrated by the attitude of Reunion Management towards private owners and their guests. Please see below an email I received from our Reunion guests this week regarding houseguest passes.

    “I must say this process is not at all user friendly, when on holiday one likes to make spontaneous decisions, today is my wife’s birthday and as we have an early dinner booked, we thought a casual day at the Reunion water park rather than going to a theme park would suit us better. The current system, particularly now, as we know you require 2 days notice, is totally inflexible. When I hadn’t heared from you I went into the ‘membership office’, who took delight in telling me ” as I had rented via a third party, only they could make any bookings ( although she did say if the third party went on line today, she could have issued a pass for today ???) and that had I booked a house through Reunion, we would have membership for the duration of our stay and for every day”. She even gave me their brochure should we want to come back. They clearly want third party renters to feel like second class citizens of Reunion, and they succeeded ! Maybe when it comes to planning a game of golf or tennis people can plan 2 days ahead but when a family just wants a couple of hours at the water park it’s inconvenient, particularly when the water park is empty!!!!”

    Reunion private rental owners and their guests are made to feel like second class citizens. I will be very interested to see the response from Carlton. In particular, the following questions:
    ◾Private Rental owners generally feel ‘unwanted’ and ‘unappreciated’ by the resort management. Assuming that they continue to remain private owners, is that belief correct?
    ◾Is the ‘Resort spend’ by private owner’s guests of value to the resort? Are the positive posts and links about Reunion amenities on owners’ websites of value?

    The current houseguest policy is unfair on private Reunion owners. Surely, reunion management recognises a value in 800 plus days a year of guest bookings into the resort. The houseguest pass restrictions are severely limiting the potential income streams into the resort. Being a member at Reunion should allow our guests to be issued with a houseguest pass for the duration of their stay.

    We need to work together to increase income streams for the resort and increase the value of membership to the private rental owner.

  2. Soon this post, and the questions asked of Reunion, will be two months old.
    In that time, we’ve had promises of a reply, but not an actual reply from Reunion Resort’s management, indicating to us that genuine member concerns are definitely not a priority for Salamander.

    Strange, particularly at a time, when the resort is actively campaigning for homeowners to join their rental program.
    I hope that some point will come, and Reunion will respond, and dispel those fears.
    For now, I will consider this post to be un-responded to, but I will of course update it in the unlikely event of a response from Carlton Grant, or Salamander.

  3. I first bought a 1/3 share of a condo on Whisper Way 3 years ago. 2 years ago my brothers and accountant and myself bought a house on Castle Pines. We had the condo in Reunion’s Rental Program. It rented well but our share of revenue coming back would not fill the wine fridge. It amazed me the different charges and fees on our monthly statement. When I told membership we were buying a house on the West side they said great it would be the first house in Reunion West in their rental program. I didn’t reply that we had no intention of using their program. But could you imagine they did not have a home on the west side in their rental program 2 years ago. We have a small management company that does a great job of providing excellent service for our house guests. Our reviews are excellent on the service they provide. Last year my accountant & son & myself had a home built on Golden Bear hat overlooks the 16th hole. It is a beautiful location and home. It is starting to rent well and will be successful in that respect. We are amazed at the hoops we have to jump through to provide our guests with Reunion services. Our guests spend money eating, relaxing and golfing here. In my business when someone wants to spend money for my services I do everything I can to enhance their experience and bend over backwards to take care of them. I find it frustrating that management has their head in the sand as far as this added revenue stream is concerned. Why would I want to pay out over half our rental income for our rental home like we were forced to do with our condo. We live in Canada and only come down for several weeks a year but plan on spending more time when we retire more in a few years. We would love to spend our winters in Reunion but it might make more sense to sell our properties and go some where else they appreciate our business. Sincerely Terrence Shaw DDS

  4. The new managers response looks like a written response that I and other owners have seen from Charlie hardaman and others before him. Kevin it’s nice that you have taken a interest in this blog but I can tell you right now you are wasting your time

    As I stated before these guys do not have a clue how to make money and the results are clearly visible in the conditions around here daily

    Reunion could and should be a five star lfacility to visit and live in but right now it’s maybe a half star

    Good luck

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