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Reunion West CDD Landowners Election on November 13, 2014

I just wanted to make you aware of a very important vote that will affect all landowners and homeowners on Reunion Resort’s west side.
I also wanted to mention that I have personal faith in Encore’s Jim Bagley to be a genuine prospect for a brighter future for homeowners at Reunion Resort.
With Jim, I believe that we have an opportunity to ensure that we have an excellent CDD board, with a member that will influence and shape the future of the resort with every stakeholder’s interests at heart.

Encore Funds owns the majority of the undeveloped land within Reunion West CDD.  Encore is currently developing Encore Club within Reunion West CDD.  Encore wants to be the driving force into the revitalization of Reunion by developing new properties that add to everyone’s  property value and add to the aesthetic beauty of Reunion.

On November 13, 2014, at 2pm, in the Heritage Crossing Clubhouse, there will be a landowners election for 3 seats on the Reunion West CDD Board of Supervisors.   This election is critical to the property owners within Reunion West but also affects all property owners within Reunion.

Encore is asking for your support by requesting a proxy for your vote to Jim Bagley so Encore can nominate candidates to the Board of Supervisors that support Encore’s efforts to create value to everyone within Reunion West.

Most of us understand the history of Reunion and the Election on November 13, 2014, will offer the residents of Reunion West two choices.  Lubert Adler, and its affiliates LRA Orlando LLC, are attempting to secure candidates for the 3 open Board seats.  Encore is attempting to nominate candidates to secure the 3 open Board seats.

Encore is investing significant capital into the creation of value for all in Reunion West.   I hope you will name me as your proxy holder so I can vote to insure the long term success for Reunion West.  You are also welcome to attend the landowners meeting on November 13, 2014, and cast your ballot in person.

A link to the Proxy form is provided here and below.
Please contact Jim at 407-446-8250 if you have any questions.

Jim Bagley
Encore Funds
1530 Celebration Blvd, Suite 405
Celebration, FL 34747
(407) 566-7171 Office
(407) 446-8250 Cell
(407) 566-7173 Fax

Click this link to download and print the Proxy Form

Thank you for your support, and please encourage your fellow home owners to consider using their important Proxy vote to secure a better future for Reunion Resort’s private owners.  (And yes, I have already sent my proxy to Jim!)


  1. Can you provide the fax number where I can send fax my proxy vote, thank you Dr Terrence Shaw 506-273-6460 1061 Castle Pines Court.

    1. Hi Terry
      The Fax number is (407) 566-7173
      I have also updated the article’s contact details. Thank you for your message.

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