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National Pi Day For Carlton Grant – GM At Reunion Resort


We wondered if;

  • Any non members were prevented from viewing the event, unless they had managed to obtain a House Guest Privilege Card
  • The Pie had to be booked 5 working days in advance
  • As an observation; the filming of the event was probably carried out on Friday – Not Pi Day!  (HINT: I can see some membership office staff there)
  • The Pie was probably not delivered by ‘Reunion To Go’ as they only deliver to doors within the main resort buildings now.
  • All of the names and addresses of the attendees, plus the staff at the bakery, the dairy that made the cream, and those at the aluminum foil manufacturer will now receive marketing shots about Reunion’s Official Rental program via email.
  • The 2016 event is already a sell out as Reunion’s Private Owners are understood to be ordering a 60ft pie for the fabulous event on March 14th (3/14) which thankfully falls on a Monday, so owners may be able to catch the membership team too!  😉

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