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Reunion Resort Membership Incentives

Interesting piece in today’s ‘Out & About‘ Member’s eBlast by Reunion Resort.
There’s a call for more members with a $500 incentive for any current member that brings in a new member to the resort.

If you know a Reunion neighbor who does not currently have a Membership, have a friend who is buying, or are aware of a local resident who may be interested in our Recallable Exchange Membership, please contact Ashleigh Cervellera, Membership Sales Manager, to register your referral at or 407-396-3191.  If your registered referral does join the Club, you will be rewarded a $500 credit on your Membership account for your referral! Certain parameters and restrictions apply.

With such fabulous amenities (supported and funded continually by loyal private homeowners for many a year with little in return), it is very surprising that the resort is on a membership drive, especially while so many existing members feel let down by the resort.
It’s crystal clear that owners are fed up of paying almost $400 a month for so little access.
In the past, this blog has suggested numerous ideas to the resort management, (as have other members and reunion based businesses) for a better system that would bring new memberships, better access and much needed revenues to the resort.

Let’s hope things improve some day!


  1. When you attend member meetings they would have you believe they are inundated with new memberships but this drive suggests otherwise.

    Many existing members are fleeing the membership program and honestly Reunion’s attitude to their existing members needs to change before I could in all conscience recommend membership to anyone else!

  2. Exactly!
    How could I possibly suggest to fellow home owners, that Reunion membership is worthwhile, when they make things so difficult for house guests to enjoy the water park, golf, and now even those smaller resort pools!
    I’d be surprised if there’s another resort in the world as politically orientated than Reunion.

    I can imagine that the resort has the mentality of ‘leave’ if you don’t like it.
    Sadly, for many of us, we bought our memberships with huge deposits and joining fees and it simply makes no sense to lose that huge lump of over $20k.

    Owners love the resort for what it should be, an enjoyable place to vacation and relax.
    We don’t particularly want to vote with our feet, or boycott amenities, but we are already suggesting to guests to try other golf resorts, and in turn they fall in love with the restaurants there and so on.

    I don’t ever see change until the management team is changed, which is a shame as Reunion employs some really great staff.

  3. One thing that possibly has skewed the membership data in favor of Reunion is the ‘bundled’ memberships with the new builds.
    We do expect there to be some shrinkage as owners ‘drop’ the membership once the first year is over.
    As ‘anonymous’ states, the resort would do so much better if they came up with an inclusive arrangement for all members and their guests.
    Not only would this add revenue to the Salamander’s coffers, but the reputation of the resort, the membership fees and general wellbeing of Reunion would quickly soar.
    It’s odd that Reunion seems to work so hard to actually stop people having a great time and spending money!

  4. Well said ! This “membership” thing has been a problem since the beginning when Ginn tried to take us all for a ride (which he did bu the way!) Sadly we still pay and pay because we love the place !

  5. I spoke to Ashleigh the membership manager today for clarity around the constant emails I receive about their $500 referral scheme. I asked and how they expected their existing members to bring them referrals when they place disgraceful restrictions on their existing members around guest privileges accessing current amenities and the proposed restriction to their existing members from using the (soon to be) Encore 10 acre Aqua park being developed. I asked what the long term vision was for existing members accessing Encore’s Aqua park and how Reunion think they will attract anyone to invest outside of Encore if these restrictions prevent our current members from using their Aqua Park.
    Ashleigh replied with “it is very likely that Encore and Reunion would eventually have shared amenities so existing members can benefit from all amenities”

    Maybe if they marketed this to their current members they would commence a journey of re-building trust with current members and we would be on a path of trusting them with our membership and investments which ultimately promotes trust and belief that our interests are at the heart of their members and plans.

    I look forward to Encore taking over the entire management of the Reunion Resort or at best do a deal with Reunion for the greater good. There has been a clear lack of support towards members for many years and whatever loyalty is left with its current members this should not be taken for granted. Whatever members Reunion has left they should start to value them as they have made Reunion what it is today, we are the investors, ambassadors and voice of its success. Reunion management need to stop placing restrictions on Private Owners and begin working with Encore to address issues around scaremongering Private Owners with techniques that even my 12 year old son sees through. The fact that Encore market ‘a resort within a resort’ with full access to all Reunion amenities, working one way for a brave Encore investor but, not the other way for a current Reunion member demonstrates scaremongering that if you don’t invest in the new Encore resort your property is at risk of future rentals and overall value which then leaves you with the question of what is really going to happen.

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