The Encore Club at Reunion

The Encore Club Clubhouse Update

ENC_amenity waterpark layout_2.20.15Some news came from the Encore Club Blog, that the Encore Club Ground Breaking takes place this Friday April 10th at 10am.
It’s widely expected for the clubhouse to be ready for guests to use towards the end of 2015.
While many vacation rental communities such as Windsor Hills, have long boasted a club house, there’s a growing trend for bigger, better and more engaging amenities being developed in the Central Florida area’s newest resorts.

Gone are the days of just a snack bar and resort pool.  Championsgate’s Retreat community recently launched a great example of this trend towards higher quality resort pools and recreational facilities, but of course it was really Reunion Resort that lead the way with their stunning water park back almost 10 years ago.  With a 5 acre water park, including lazy river, Reunion stood out as the leader right through the toughest years of the recession.
Now that the luxury vacation home sector is seeing a marked upturn, neighboring communities appear to be recognizing the restricted membership limitations of Reunion, by building their own alternative versions.
The Encore Club at Reunion looks set to lift the game to a whole new level, offering guests staying in Encore Club homes, unlimited access to their amenities for the price of the $25 a day resort fee.

Everyone’s hope is that Reunion realizes that the hundreds of privately owned vacation rentals have contributed immeasurably to the success of this beautiful resort, and that some day soon, like the Encore Club, guests will be able to enjoy their own resort’s amenities without restrictions!

In the meantime, The Encore Club at Reunion shows the way forward for that essential 3 way relationship between owner/guest/resort operator.

Note: For more information about the access rules to Reunion Resort’s water park and golfing amenities, please read this Reunion Resort Guide from Totalorlando.


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