Reunion Resort Rentals

Reunion Resort Condos – The Unsung Heroes of Luxury Accommodation!

Reunion is famed for many things, and mostly good, I might add!
A quick look on Tripadvisor and you can see that despite the silly access rules for the amenities, overall, guests adore the resort and the privately owned homes that have made this the ‘place to stay’ in Central Florida.

Sure, the 3 PGA championship courses are stunning, the water park is fun and the restaurants are exceptionally good, but a combination of Reunion’s perfect location, 12 minutes from Disney is the clincher for most guests.

The accommodation is of course what people need to be delighted by in any luxury resort however.
With a choice of hotel style suites from Reunion itself and a wide range of custom built luxury pool homes from the heroic independent property managers, guests have a massive amount of choice, ranging from a hundred dollars a night right up to thousands per night for some of the larger mansions.

For me though, the Condos deserve a special mention!
Reunion’s self contained luxury apartments seem a cut above the rest when it comes to design. They really are perfect for most families on vacation, seeping 8 or more guests with ease, and without any compromises on comfort or privacy.

Thankfully, with the recession behind us, there seems to be a renaissance in investment in Reunion Resort’s condos. New owners are refurnishing and restyling with bright, contemporary designs, that now seem a million miles away from the dated restrictions that were once enforced by the Reunion Official Rental Program.
Investors and proud owners are now adding that special touch to their condos, making them more attractive than ever for vacationers.

In low season, a 3 bedroom condo in a central resort location can be found for less than $1000/wk. With room to sleep 8 guests, that’s less than $18/nt per person.
That’s literally a fraction of the cost of staying in an smaller ‘Economy suite’ in Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.

Why settle for such a compromise with a mini kitchen, sofabeds, lack of dining areas and a tiny seating area? A condo on Reunion is in a completely different league!

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  1. I have a owner and a member until I smartened up and after reunion falsely charged me 9k in fictitious bills i quit

    I have said for the past six years the only way to get the word out that changes need to be made us for all of the members to quitting a not a club, it is a scam with members always fighting to get times without booking two weeks in advance for t times
    Justin encore is a builder and has no interest in running reunion. I wish they would but they make their money as builders

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