Reunion Resort Golf

Nicklaus Course 17th & 18th Holes Update

As part of the preparation for the new Nicklaus course clubhouse and vacation homes, the 17th and 18th holes will make way for construction some time over the coming year. Right now, two new fairways are being hewn from the earth over on Reunion’s west side and I stopped by to see progress. The shots below were taken from round about the spot that kind of served as an unofficial parking lot for the Nicklaus course practice range, and show the vast scale of the earthwork that’s currently in progress by the developer. There’s not any dates or details on when and what will be built there, but a bunch of homes and a new clubhouse building would be a safe bet.  If anyone has any further information, I’d be glad to feature it. 2015-06-09 11.15.17-12015-06-09 11.16.30


  1. Hi All
    It would help if there was a sign up to promote the new club house as many Owners and Reunion Guests have NO IDEA what is happening to this area of the golf course when they drive pass it

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