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Water Park, Tennis & Golf Access For Private Home Guests – A Guide

Palmilla Pool-5
There’s nothing like a privately owned vacation home at Reunion Resort! Click on the image for prices and availability of this stunning 8 bedroom golf view mansion!

If you are looking for the very best luxury homes in Reunion Resort, chances are they will be privately owned and managed by one of the vastly experienced independent property managers. The growing choice of magnificent homes, with private pools, spas, golf views and in many cases, home theaters, games rooms, and even an occasional bowling alley! Despite the vast majority of homes on Reunion being managed by private property managers, the resort continues to restrict access to amenities, for private house guests. Palmer Course ThumbThe result is often confusing for guests, and very much reflects badly upon the resort rather than the private owners.  The good news is, that for most guests, a little research, a tiny amount of planning and a good private property manager, Reunion Resort’s private homes are without doubt, the best way to visit Orlando in luxurious style!

10 things you need to know about accessing Reunion Resort’s amenities!

  1. Reunion Resort’s restaurants and bars are available to guests without restriction.
  2. Some of the beautiful resort pools are available without restriction;Seven Eagles: Pool, Spas, Fitness Room, Game Room, and Linear Park Homestead: Pool Carriage Point: Pool Heritage Crossing: 2 Pools The Terraces: Pool
  3. To access the water park, you need to have a house guest privilege card, and an admission fee applies ($10 per child and $15 per adult)
  4. To access the golf courses, you need to have a house guest privilege card and an admission fee applies ($100 – $160 per round)
  5. To access the tennis, you need to have a house guest privilege card and an admission fee applies (From $20 – fees vary by activity)
  6. A house guest privilege card is eligible for one day of use typically and can be arranged by your home’s owner or property manager in advance.
  7. House guest privilege cards must be collected from Reunion’s membership office in person by the guest, Mon-Fri during office hours and Saturday mornings only.
  8. Guests need to book 5 days in advance of their visit to the water park, golf or tennis activity.  (Shorter notice incurs a $25 late fee).
  9. The resort restricts access to amenities, but private guests can expect 1 or 2 days per week of their stay, which in most cases is more than adequate, especially considering that Orlando is the ‘water park, entertainment and golf capital of the USA!’
  10. Finally, if you are confused by the Resort’s rules, please don’t be, most homes on the resort can provide you with access to the amenities and your property manager will take care of it all for you!   Please also remember, that the restrictions are not set by the owners, or the property managers.  It’s the resort policy.


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