3400 New Vacation Homes Coming To Kissimmee

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 12.27.20 PMThe Orlando Sentinel indicated that an additional 3,400 new luxury homes are anticipated between now and 2019.
A staggering 70 new homes per month.

Experience Kissimmee, the region’s now privately operated marketing agency will place more focus than ever will be placed upon marketing of the luxury home sector, no doubt creating a big boost for Reunion Resort in general.

More good publicity for the resort, no matter who obtains it, is great for everyone at Reunion.  Let’s hope that the resort’s management sees things the same way some time!
The advent of a huge raft of homes can’t be too comforting for owners in less popular locations.
Thankfully Reunion should thrive well on the back of the added support from Experience Kissimmee’s huge push to boost occupancy in the region’s vacation home hotspot.

The resort is still the leader of the pack for luxury short term rental resorts and its prime spot just 5 miles south of Disney ensures that guests are easily within reach of the best attractions and major routes.
It does however make it clearer than ever, that homes need to be competitive, well decorated and furnished and equipped with up to date entertainment features.  We might be blessed with a great location, but as owners, we mustn’t rest on our laurels.
A luxury resort needs to be backed up by fabulous guest experiences.
Gone are the days when the old classically styled ‘Reunion Rental Program’ furnishings would get bookings.
The newer, contemporary styles are ‘in’, and improving year on year, putting pressure on the older homes to upgrade to keep up to date.
Yes, Reunion is the most sought after luxury community, but that’s never enough to rely upon alone.

Decor and furnishings are super important and we hope to bring some expert tips on that soon!

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