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CONFIRMED – New Members Only Get 21 Days Guest Access To Amenities!


Did anyone hear this through the official ‘Out and About for Reunion Resort Club Members‘ email?

We guess not !!

I’ve reached out to Reunion today, and they did confirm that as of June 1st 2015, any newly opened membership accounts will just obtain a 21 days House Guest Privilege entitlement.
Having tumbled from unlimited, to 42 days and now 21 days, the resort could be in the process of making life as difficult as possible for private owners to take out memberships of any value.

On one hand, I’m sure the resort has a goal to sway new home owners over to their own rental program.
On the other hand, it appears to be relying upon a tactic of attrition against the thriving, and more effective private property managers.
A good marketing strategy?
I personally can’t think of many brands that have thrived well, on the back of deliberately forcing its target market into hardship.
What the resort fails to recognize, is that homeowners need a personal service, from people that they trust, from people that they can get access to whenever they want.
Running a large hotel is not entirely comparable to maintaining a private home that has been meticulously furnished, cared for and adored by a private owner.
A smart owner, that has undoubtedly spent a career in business to be able to afford to buy their family’s dream near Disney in the first place!
Investments like that require a lot of personal care and fabulous communication.
But most of all TRUST.

“The best way to learn if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” – Ernest Hemingway

That’s something that I personally struggle with when it comes to my Reunion Membership.
Rather than a benefit to me in return for my $15,000 deposit and $395.90 per month dues, membership appears to be the ‘weapon of choice’ for the resort’s rental program’s marketing campaign.

In past posts, I rightfully asked blog readers to vote for Reunion as the top resort.
Perhaps in the future, homeowners and house guests might choose to head to Tripadvisor and leave appropriate responses about the resort’s amenity access.
I’m sure that the resort will contest that they weren’t responsible for the access to amenities by private house guests, but that in reality is far from the truth.



  1. Over 2000 Views in just 24 hours! A record for the Unofficial Reunion Resort Blog!

  2. I wonder what a mass resignation of membership would do to affect the position Reunion Resort? At what point would they start to consider the views of its members, the people who make its very existence possible. There is nothing like removal of funding to focus the mind!! (or the threat of loosing the funding)

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