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UPDATED: Seven Eagles To Be Marred By Temporary Office Cabins?

Proposed 7 Eagles Structures
Our Interpretation of the proposal


UPDATE: Reunion have shelved plans to occupy space for their operations in the Seven Eagles area after finding alternative locations.

According to documents filed at Osceola County yesterday, Reunion has a future development in store for the parking area adjacent to the condos on Seven Eagles Way.
Some unconfirmed rumors hint that the space is going to be used for the relocation of the Resort’s property management operation from the disused fire station on the Osceola Polk Line Rd.

Due to the very intense nature of property management, continuous movements of traffic, and movements of bulky linens, housewares and service vehicles, it can be expected that this could very quickly become a very active area of the resort.

Quite why the resort’s management has elected to spoil this area of the resort with a business operation, is a little perplexing, especially considering that the resort seems so intent on fining home owners for minor aesthetic misdemeanors such as a ‘weathered’ roof, or leaving a trash can out on the roadside a few hours late or early!

The proposed site is believed to be housing Reunion’s Property Management Operation
In a purely residential area!

The spot rests in the very prominent position along the main resort area of Gathering Drive and Old Lake Wilson Rd and according to the county, is valued at just under $500,000

The HOA would have ultimate decision on whether this will actually go ahead and I’m sure that a lot of condo owners will be patiently waiting for a favorable outcome from the HOA board members.

It’s good to see the resort grow and develop at long last, but the resort does need to continue to do so with everyone’s interests in mind, especially those home owners that have supported this resort through thick and thin during some terrible economic conditions.

Slapping a ‘temporary’ structure within view of your condo balcony, isn’t a great way to promote relaxation in paradise!

Interestingly, the motive for choosing the Seven Eagles site is a curious one.
Why for example, would the resort not choose to occupy the huge swathes of already unsightly land opposite the water park?
The tidy up process of installing the temporary offices, plus a minor bit of landscaping would do the water park area of the resort, the world of good.

What motive could Reunion possibly have to reduce the enjoyment (and occupancy) of condo owners in this prime area of the resort?

UPDATE: July 29th
I’m advised that the grassed areas are only intended to be affected by the temporary buildings.
No doubt the parking area blocked out in the official plans will be affected by the Reunion Resort’s Rental program vehicles.
(We might assume that a large number of vehicles will be coming and going from that location throughout the day and possibly left overnight?).

The Official County Record of the new proposal
The Official County Record of the new proposal

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