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Frankly Putting Pad Closed

Frankly Golf

I’m told that one of the nicest people in golf has closed the doors on a very popular business at Reunion Resort.
The Frankly Putting Pad ceased operations very recently, to make way for Reunion Resort’s offices, (about to be relocated from its former location over at the disused fire station).

A number of members have expressed outrage at the loss of the golf world’s most highly respected technical experts.
I’m unable to verify this, but one owner advised me that Reunion had suggested that the recent upheavals were down to Encore asking Reunion to leave land that Encore currently owns at the fire station, (let’s treat that as a speculation for now).

If this rumor is true, my understanding though, was that the resort had been aware of Encore’s plans for some considerable time and not something that should have been a surprise.
I’m hoping that the Frankly Putting Pad has not been closed for this reason, as it would further underline an apparent trend of short sighted mentality at Reunion.

Sadly, Frank Thomas, the esteemed inventor of the graphite shaft and the man responsible for introducing the Stimpmeter, will no longer be a part of your golf technique improvement program at Reunion Resort.

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