Reunion Relying On Grapes To Boost Their Own Rentals?

GrapesIf you had ever hoped that Reunion would some day embrace the loyal members that invested deeply into the resort over the last 10 years, this latest snippet may dash your hopes forever.
I’ve not had chance to confirm this, but, a report came back that the water park staff are wandering around the water park, handing out occasional complimentary treats to guests.
Nice touch? Wait for it;


If true, Reunion appears to be relying on a plastic cup with 3 grapes in it as part of their ‘masterplan’ to win over guests, members and homeowners alike.
One Reunion member commented ‘Reunion may as well spit in the eyes of water park guests’.

Reunion’s tactics of dividing guests into ‘privately managed and Reunion official rental program’ may seem like a plan to their marketing team, but divisive tactics typically aren’t successful in the long run, and definitely develop an overwhelming distaste towards a brand.
If a bunch of grapes is their best shot, we’ve got to wonder what’s next in their master plan?

Nice one Reunion.  The only resort in the world that does not offer satisfaction to all of its legitimate patrons.
Disgraceful tactics if true and I would never trust the integrity of a business that deliberately made guests feel unappreciated!

If anyone has any updates on this rumor, we’d be glad to update/correct this article.

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