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New Freeway Project – Could Hugely Affect Reunion Resort

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A developer/consultation meeting will take place at Reunion Resort’s Grande Ballroom on August 12th between 11am and midday to discuss the proposed I-4/Poinciana connector route.
The map above shows the original 6 routes under consideration, however currently only 4 options are available as follows;

  • Corridor 2a (Route immediately close to Assembly Ct & Gathering Dr – Intersecting at the I-4/429 (60 ramp)
  • Corridor 3 (The route along the existing SR532 – past Publix and the resort main entrance)
  • Corridor 4 (UPDATE: AUG 4th – Corridor 4 is eliminated from the project, leaving 2a, 3 or ‘no build’)
  • Final option – No project (fingers crossed!!)

Owners, members and residents will be offered the opportunity to hear more about the potential projects and to express their opinions to the project’s representative (Ch2m)

Corridor 1, must have been too close to Celebration and received a lot of feedback, probably eliminating it from further study.
Unless we want the area immediately to the North of the resort (route 2A) being turned into a huge roadway, we may be wise to engage with the project and have our voices heard.
Equally corridor 3 poses even more disruption to the 532 (Osceola Polk Line Rd), which effectively serves the main entrance to the resort.

In practical terms, the economic importance of the resort, and the upcoming businesses around Reunion probably rule that option out, but we can’t take that assumption.  We need to have a voice, if anything due to the fact that every remaining route will face very tough opposition from equally unhappy businesses and residents.
The proposal with the least opposition could well become the default option, and that could easily be route 2a, past Gathering and the northern area of the Watson course.

If you are not able to attend, please send your questions or concerns about the proposal to copy

For more information on the general project, here’s the Osceola Expressway Plan website and here’s the Osceola Parkway Extension project website.

Never a dull day in paradise!!!

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  1. Update from the developer (Jesse Blouin)

    We certainly understand your concerns regarding Corridors 2A and 3 and the potential impacts within the study area. Over the coming months, we will be continuing to evaluate and refine these options to minimize impacts to the various features in the study area. We are also in the process of eliminating Corridor 4 for several reasons, which will be documented in what is referred to as an Alternative Corridor Evaluation Report. We have also eliminated Corridors 1, 2B, 5 and 6.

    Please have residents email me ( with a copy to Amy Sirmans ( The input received from residents with be reviewed by the team, considered while refining options and documented in the public record for the project.

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