Margaritaville Village To Remove Reunion’s Stranglehold?

I’d covered the Margaritaville Village development recently, as a very loose connection to Reunion.
The Margaritaville developer, Encore, has an interest in Reunion, so deserved a quick mention I thought.
Interestingly, I can’t deny my tentative hopes that Margritaville, at some day, could be something that Reunion Resort house guests could make great use of.
Thankfully, today, Jim Bagley from Encore, announced in the Orlando Sentinel, that Margaritaville (under 10 mins from Reunion), would also be open to the general public.

Although Margaritaville is a few years away from serving its first cocktail, this is incredibly good news for private homeowners on Reunion Resort.  The strangle hold on owners choosing to keep their homes in private ownership looks finally set to loosen in a spectacular way!

Not only can homeowners save almost $400 a month to obtain 42 days of access for their guests, the Margaritaville water park is almost certainly going to be in a different league to Reunion’s albeit very nice water park!
Shame it’s come to this, but I for one will be considering abandoning the Reunion membership in favor of a much better return, both financially, and beneficially.

It’s Always 5pm somewhere in the world!

Margaritaville Plan

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