Reunion Resort Politics

TOONion Resort! #1 – Those Crazy Water Park Rules!


Ever wondered how far Reunion would take the crazy water park rules?
Our first ever Toonion Resort sketch takes a fun filled look at what President Obama’s visit to Reunion Resort’s water park might be like!

Click on the image to view the image in full size!

Reunion Resort’s management continues to make things deliberately difficult for guests staying in privately owned homes to access the resort amenities that owners have paid for, for so many years.
The very unpopular approach is a poor attempt to encourage guests to book directly with the resort, and to encourage owners to move their homes to the ‘Official Rental Program’.

All it has achieved is harden existing and very loyal owners against the resort.

The No-Union Water Park is cartoon #1 in our series, so keep following our blog for future editions!

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