The Encore Club at Reunion

Encore Club Pool Area and Water Park Taking Shape

I took a quick look at the Encore Club’s construction area today and saw some signs of the fun to come for Encore Club owners and guests.

Encore Club Water Park Update

The concrete bases are now in place for the slide framework and the adult pool area is now visibly in concrete form.
The slide tubing has been on site for a few weeks now, and can be seen to the mid/right of the picture.
As always, the Encore Club owners do seem to have a lot to cheer about, able to choose who manages their property, and still able to allow their rental guests unlimited access to their own private water park.
With membership at $100 per month it looks a good deal.
While Reunion Members don’t get access to the Encore Amenities, Encore members can choose to become Reunion members if they so wish, but don’t forget that house guest access was slashed from 42 days per year, to 21 days.

Reunion guests and owners have a few years to wait until Margaritavillage opens just a few minutes away at the 192, but the great news is, that the new luxury development will also have a publicly accessible full scale water park to enjoy, all in a tropical island theme!

That will work very well for owners and guests frustrated by Reunion’s challenging water park access rules.

As Jimmy would say; It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

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