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Reunion Water Park – Parking Lot Closed

Update:  although we can’t officially confirm, we do believe that the closure of the water park’s parking lot will probably continue for the foreseeable future.  

As I drove by the water park this afternoon, I couldn’t help notice the absence of vehicles in the parking lot.  Drawing closer, the entrance was taped off and a couple of new signs had appeared.

I don’t have any information on why, or how permanent the signs are, but from what’s on display, the car park looks out of action for the long term.

A Reunion Resort marked sign is directing water park guests to park over at the Whisper Way and Cabana Court areas.

The water park seemed busy and unaffected as the temperatures this week brought welcome warmth and sunshine to Reunion Resort!

A Trespass Warning signifies the area as a construction site.

2016-02-17 17.20.29 HDR2016-02-17 17.20.51




  1. The signs are the same as on other Encore areas and all the land around the water park including the car park is owned by EHOF2.

    The same style of sign has been placed in front of the Nicklaus marquee.

    Is this a little power play or am I reading it wrong?

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