Caution to Reunion Drivers

We’ve seen a lot of attention from the Osceola Sheriff over the last few weeks as the busier resort experiences a much needed clamp down on bad driving practices within Reunion Resort. 

Whether drivers run a stop sign or exceed the 25mph limits, they definitely stand to face the consequences more than ever before!

As I drove through the resort this week at a safe speed of 25mph, a driver behind, was clearly angry that I was sticking to the limit.  Arms flailing, he made it clear that he was angry at having to shed around 20mph+ from his car. 

Also, I’ve heard that it’s wise to make sure that any ‘on street’ parking is made with your vehicle pointing in the direction of traffic flow if you want to avoid a ticket. 

It’s not just speeding tickets being handed out within the resort!

On a final note, it’s not just human lives at stake within the resort.  Look closely below at these Sandhill Cranes from this morning, you will see two little ones camouflaged in that brown mulched area.   It would be great to see the four of them survive the year out in an even safer Reunion Resort!

Happy and safe driving everyone!!



  1. Having just spent 4 weeks at Reunion and having numerous guests at our house I was impressed by the courteous drivers on the whole. My friends and I biked and walked thru Reunion and felt very safe and found many drivers stopped or slowed down when approaching bikes and people walking, I did have a couple of tailgaters who seemed to be in a hurry and I just ignored them – could not figure out what the hurry was and how they were going to save 10 seconds following me so close. On the whole I repeat I have been impressed with the courteous drivers in Reunion but all it takes is one idiot and there are no shortage of them anywhere. Regards Terry Shaw

  2. Totally agree Terry and very well said.
    I think that the security culture in the resort is amazing and a big plus for owners and guests alike.
    A lot of the credit goes to the neighbourhood watch team and of course to the Security team.
    Their ‘soft but strong’ presence throughout the community has defined Reunion as the region’s safest and welcoming luxury resort.
    Coupled with their excellent relationship with the Osceola Sheriff, we get a great service here!
    As you rightly say, it’s just a few that need controlling and a continued focus on safety is very welcome by most of us.
    Thanks for your comment Terry!

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