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Encore Water Park Now Open

Great news for Encore Club home owners!
The club amenities are finally open and are well received by initial guests.
Reunion Resort homeowners shouldn’t get too excited though, the clubhouse and aqua park is for Encore Resort owners and guests, or owners that bought Encore built homes over in Reunion Resort.  (Membership is required at a cost of $100pcm to Encore Club owners)


    1. Only if you own an Encore Club home.

      For owners that bought homes in Reunion built by Encore, it might be worth contacting your Encore sales agent to see if you can become a member at the Encore Club.

  1. I asked Ed Guerette about whether owners of Encore built homes in Reunion would have the use of the waterpark and he indicated that was not the case. Maybe they changed their minds especially for $100 per month?? Terrence Shaw

    1. Sometimes contemporary furnishings don’t photograph well, but in real life the place looks amazing. The place looks very clean and modern and judging by the weight of the furnishings and the quality, I can only guess that it is all very upscale furnishing!

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