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Oraine Williams Update

We received this from Aegis HOA
As always, please assist in any way that you can with his gofundme page to help;https://www.gofundme.com/coach-oraine-williams-medical-fund-2txra58

October 25, 2016  RE: Oraine Williams update

Per our last email report, Oraine had the surgery last week where the doctors fused a series of vertebrae together. They were very pleased with the process and result but are still making no promises regarding the underlying injury healing sufficiently. He has been moved out of the ICU and into a normal room where he will likely spend the next 10-12 days. He has repeated physical therapy treatments each day and while they are likely necessary, they cannot be enjoyable considering the freshness and extent of both the injury and the surgery. But like all things he does, he sticks it out and works hard. His caregivers are impressed with his dedication and willingness to do what it takes. All things considered, while he does certainly experience periods of sadness and loss, his spirits are high. After his current stay in room 1014, the current plan is to transfer to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta which is among the top 10 ten spinal cord rehabilitation centers nationwide.

Oraine knows that everyone is pulling and praying for him and his family. He wants to pass on how much he appreciates your positive thoughts and support. He wishes he could thank everyone personally, but one day he can.

David L Burman, AMS® PCAM®


Aegis Community Management Solutions, Inc.

8390 Championsgate Blvd Suite 304

Championsgate Florida 33896

ofc: 863-256-5052 x226

fax: 863-256-5059



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