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Lots of Cheating and Great Weather for a Perfect fund raiser!

We can’t confirm that every 4 ball sipped Tequila, bought Mulligans and recruited the assistance of professional golfers during a sun drenched golf competition at Reunion Resort last week, but we can shamelessly admit that our team used all of the tricks in the book to keep up with the pack!

Thanks to too much LOFT in our team (Lack Of ‘Freakin’ Talent), we even struggled to cheat enough and hold our pace with well seasoned golfers that included a fine selection of homeowners, contractors, property managers and realtors, all with one thing in common; Oraine Williams.

Hundreds of miles away, our much loved HOA leader is still fighting with his injuries (See previous blog posts).
Even an emotional tribute to Oraine and the fund raising team by Oraine’s mother in law included a nod to the irony of all of his devoted friends playing golf for him.  Golf, a sport that ‘he had no patience for!’

Dry yes were scarce as his family and colleagues relayed the severity of his ongoing situation, but, there was a clear admiration for so many people that pulled out all of the stops to create a perfectly run event on behalf of the Williams family.

If you could not make the event, and would still love to help Oraine’s family during his intense medical treatment, the GofundMe page is here.
While his insurance covered the essentials, it didn’t cover the expense of family travel and accommodation that is a huge burden to his family.
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