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Bear’s Den Reunion – Update

As the northern states dipped well below freezing this weekend, Reunion Resort still felt like a spring day, albeit a slight chillier than usual!
As I drove to Reunion Resort, I couldn’t help regret not putting an extra layer over my tee shirt as temperatures dipped under 60F for an unusual ‘cold snap’.

Compared to my native UK, a chilly day in Orlando still feels tropical though, and the Nicklaus course was comfortably busy with winter season golfers making use of ‘the warmer weather’.

Today’s flyover at Reunion took us along the cart path of the 18th fairway on the West Side.
The lots are laid out neatly and a spec home and the home owned by Jack Nicklaus are coming out of the ground.
The video shows the golf legend’s home at quite an advanced stage as the builder works to get the home ready for occupancy this summer.

Real Estate in Reunion Resort is definitely headed in the right direction at the moment and the market is booming for new builds and resales!

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