Oraine Williams

Oraine Williams – Update

Oraine Williams - Aegis Reunion ResortIt is hard to believe that 6 months has passed since Oraine was involved in a serious road accident.
In that time his loyal fans and supporters have made some great contributions to his GoFundMe page (please contribute if you can!)
A fabulous fund raising golf event was organized by his friend Carlton Grant of Reunion Resort, with the support from the entire industry and community of the resort in general.

Today, though, came the best news in 6 months; that Oraine finally returned home after his extensive treatment and rehab in Georgia.

After being under urgent and intensive care, and then rehabilitative care, continuously for over 6 months, Oraine finally came home for the first time on March 31st. All reports were that he was elated to be in his own home and able to enjoy those familiar smells and sounds we all relish. Oraine obviously has a long road ahead of him but his attitude and outlook are visibly improving every day. A colleague visited with Oraine just a few days before he left the hospital for good. The visitor left the hospital feeling truly inspired and humbled by Oraine’s ability to adapt to what has happened and recover his good nature. Those of us that know Oraine knew this day would come. That he would continue to be the person who would manifest hope and inspiration, without trying or even wanting to. Coming home is a big step and Oraine has started talking about his return to Aegis and more information will follow.

Oraine is a great guy, and we truly look forward to seeing him again in Reunion.

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