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Restaurants Near Reunion – Tijuana Flats


If you have a passion for great Tex Mex, but love high quality dishes at fast food speed, there’s literally no place better than Tijuana Flats!

Established in 1995 in Central Florida, Tijuana Flats is rapidly evolving into a multi state chain, thanks to its awesome reputation for its hot sauces and very cool, freshly made dishes.

The restaurants near Reunion Resort have been serving the luxury community very well, but the Ovation shopping area has changed little over recent years.
Tropical Smoothie being the stand out, and very popular addition worth a mention and visit for great Smoothies and excellent fresh sandwiches and flatbreads.

Lately though, the Championsgate are has flourished with new developments and a string of familiar faces such as McDonalds and Wendy’s, has been joined by an English Fish and Chip shop, and of course Tijuana Flats.

The quality of the Tex Mex food is legendary.
The service at the new Championsgate location has been faultless on every visit so far and the prices are very fair for high quality ‘made to order quick service’.
Remember the ‘made to order’ element.
It’s a popular place and they don’t pre make orders like a lot of places do, so you may wait 5 or 10 minutes for your order, but it is worth it.

You can order ‘to go’ or have the food delivered to your restaurant table, seats inside or out.

The menu items are typically diverse Tex Mex and all menu items can be custom built, much like a good home in Reunion Resort!

  • Chips & Dips
  • Burritos
  • Burrito Bowls
  • Chimichangas
  • Dos Tacos
  • Flat Outrageous
  • Flauta
  • Taco Salads
  • Nachos
  • Quesadillas
  • Kids meals

To visit the Tijuana Flats (Championsgate Location), click here for directions and online ordering.

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