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Reunion Resort Continues To Thrive!

According to the Orlando Sentinel and Fox35 News, the luxury vacation home sector is booming right now in Central Florida, as realtors are experiencing year 2000 closing levels.
The interesting part, is that the overseas buyers are continuing their interest in the market.
With Reunion Resort offering the right balance of value and experience, investors are recognizing the need to provide a higher level of finishes, nice pool decks and excellent amenities.

Follow this link to the Orlando Sentinel article on the boost from Vacation Home Buyers

One of the larger mansions, currently under construction at Reunion Resort’s Valhalla Drive, just 12 minutes away from Walt Disney World.


Reunion Resort’s Vacant Lots – Prime time to buy!

Driving around Reunion Resort reveals a totally different story from 7 years ago.
Those vast spaces between the vacation homes are indeed filling up.
The very best lots are almost gone, but now is definitely the time to snap up the scattered lots at what many realty experts believe to be the lowest projected prices.

As motivated sellers of lots diminish, Reunion Resort’s land prices are undoubtedly set to increase in 2018.
Buyers next year will inevitably snap up the best lots first at reasonable rates, before the lesser lots begin their steady spiral upwards in price.

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