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Reunion Resort’s Homeowners’ Association Success Means 20% to You!

aegis-cms-logoWhenever you travel through the vast 3,300 acre resort, it is quite evident that the upkeep of the community is truly leading class.  Pristine landscaping and well maintained common areas add to the appeal of Osceola County’s most prized gated golf community.

One of the most important aspects of ownership in any HOA community is of course the efficiency of the HOA management processes and its strength to enforce community deed restrictions and community guidelines.  As a long standing homeowner at Reunion and other areas of Central Florida, Reunion could teach many a community a firm lesson in compliance.

A Consistent & Long Standing Service from Aegis

As an owner since 2010 and working within the resort since, I’ve seen a fair bit change in the resort, but there has always been one prevailing source of reliability; the HOA.
Unlike many communities, the reunion HOA representatives consistently offer good common sense approaches to the management of a resort that serves a hugely diverse spectrum of stakeholders.  Developers, resort managers, property managers, primary and secondary owners along with investment owners, all generate different expectations of ‘what is best’ for Reunion Resort.
Thankfully, there is a very common theme for all; the Reunion HOA has operated with professionalism throughout a constantly evolving economic, as well as physical landscape.  I’m a fan to say the least and seem to be amongst many who feel the same.

A Bad HOA is Tiresome, A Good HOA Adds Capital Value!

Many of us will recognize the signs of a bad HOA, and some of us will have fallen prey to the ‘over zealous clipboard wielding drive-by warriors’ that blight so many otherwise great associations.  Life there, becomes unbearable and deeply stressful, often resulting in nasty confrontations in person and in the attorney’s offices.
Equally, associations that turn a blind eye start off with a beautiful, desirable place to call home, to rapidly decay into a nasty place to live as a result of turning a blind eye to important matters.

The Community Associations Institute estimates however, that a well managed HOA can easily add 20% to the individual property values under its umbrella.

Reunion’s HOA does indeed seem to have the ‘firm but fair touch’ approach in process, which is worth bearing in mind, the next time you receive a polite violation warning or word that trash cans have to be placed out of view at the end of a collection day etc.

Reunion is the jewel in the crown of the luxury vacation home industry and much thanks to the hard efforts of owners, property managers and of course that ‘firm but fair touch’ of the Home Owners’ Association at Reunion.

A Desire to Keep Improving the Reunion HOA

Talking to David Burman, founder and President of Aegis, there’s clearly an urge to keep building upon the great reputation and achievements of the HOA at Reunion;

Aegis periodically sends online surveys to owners regarding important community issues.  They are usually no more than 5 questions and take about 5 minutes to complete.  When you receive these surveys please be sure to take a moment to reply as they really do help guide community decisions.  David Burman – Aegis 

If you’d like to know more about the policies and guidelines for Reunion Resort’s HOA, please feel free to reach out to Aegis at


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