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Enhanced Cable TV Option For Reunion Resort

Soon, owners and guests will be able to enjoy the same super fast internet speeds and high resolution TV images that they enjoy back home.

Old analog (fuzzy) TV is being replaced by digital TV with 100mb internet!

When it rolls out (maybe later this year), owners will only pay an additional $12 a month over their existing HOA fees, offering a net saving on their current combined HOA and Cable fees.

We don’t have all of the details yet, but we will bring more as soon as we have it.
As an example, many larger homes, with large bedroom counts may require multiple sets of modems/adaptors in order to feed TV to every room in the house.
As yet, we will work hard to find those costs for owners that may be interested in the new system.

As soon as the official news is out, we will post a further update.


    1. Hi Tom
      Which property manager takes care of your home? Call them for the fastest response

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