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Sinclair Rd – Reunion Apartments by Encore – Video Update

There has been a lot of intense construction activity since we last took to the sky over the area of land between Reunion Resort’s Palmilla Ct and Sinclair Rd.
The builder, Debartolo has completed the main structure of the Clubhouse, which appears to be ready for interior trim work now.

A good proportion of the apartment structure can be seen in framing now, along with some of the resort common amenities and features.

So far, we have no further details on the leasing arrangements for the apartments, but plan to do so as soon as they become available.

More articles about the Encore Reunion Apartments

January 2018 – Sinclair Rd Land Cleared

June 2018 – Sinclair Rd Construction Begins

August 2018 – Aerial Video Update – Encore Reunion Apartments (This article)

October 2018 – Aerial View of Sinclair Rd Construction – Residential Apartments



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