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Choosing The Best Reunion Resort Property Manager


With a number of property managers to choose from, it is perhaps a daunting prospect to select the right one after you’ve bought your first vacation rental home here in Reunion Resort.

In reality, the process is often much easier than owners might think, by using a process of elimination.  Start by asking your Realtor for the pick of his or her best three property managers, and perhaps ask the question; why?

With that information at hand, you are best placed to begin the process to find the right property manager to take care of your home.

Some important factors that are important in choosing your rental management company

  • Personality
    As crazy as it may seem, there has to be a ‘chemistry’ between your family and the shortlist of companies that you are planning to choose from.
    If you don’t feel that you are on the same wavelength now, it might not improve when you need it most!
  • Perfection is not important!
    We had to pause a little before adding this section in, but we all believe that this is an important point to bear in mind.  The best property manager for your home, might not be completely perfect, but it may well provide you with a LOT of SUCCESS!
    Be fair in appraising the pros and cons of the property manager.
  • Contact-ability is key
    Can you reach just about anybody within the property management team that you want within 24 hours by email or phone?
    If not, you might want to rethink the shortlist over.
  • Home Care
    Ask to take a look at a random sample of properties that are unoccupied.
    Don’t seek perfection, but certainly consider if you, or your home’s guests would be happy with the level of cleanliness and upkeep.
  • Occupancy is key, but beware too!
    A home’s income is proportional to TWO key factors.
    Nightly rates and nights booked.
    The most successful owners benefit from a little online research and advice from varied sources, including competing properties, property managers and their realtor.
  • Large or Small managers?
    The size of the property management company is not as important as the effectiveness of the company.
    We can think of many examples of smaller property managers that offer outstanding levels of owner/guest service.
    We can also think of larger managers that have expanded well to cope with their success.
  • Final thoughts on choosing!
    Take the best advice from your Realtor, ask for at least three examples to consider.
    Make sure they have the right attitude to customer service and property care.

With over 60 million visitors a year (and climbing!), the need for high quality accommodation has never been so important in Central Florida.
The Disney area vacation rental homes are enjoying tremendous growth, offering owners an opportunity to invest in the region’s successful vacation home market.

Just do a little homework, seek great advice from trusted sources and before long you will be floating around the Lazy River at Reunion Resort with a fabulous vacation rental home in your portfolio!

Come and enjoy the success of Reunion Resort today and feel free to contact us with any possible questions about owning a home in Reunion Resort Orlando!


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