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Listing Advice – Sell Your Reunion Resort Home Quickly & Smoothly!

Reunion Resort Luxury Real Estate

When I came to sell my Reunion Resort home on Muirfield Loop, it sold quickly.
We were fortunate to have fantastic real estate friends that knew the value of the Reunion Resort real estate market.

Were we lucky to sell our home within 60 days?
Could we repeat it again?  I’m certain that we can and we wanted to share with you, some of the real estate industry’s top tips for selling any property here in Reunion Resort Orlando!

  • First Impressions are EVERYTHING!
    Those precious marketing images need to show the property off to its best, so make every effort to make the home sparkle online.
    Kitchens are a big win/lose territory for many homes, so make sure that your kitchen works well online and in person!
    Replacement cabinet doors can be cheap, effective upgrades!
  • Price the property correctly
    (with a view to selling it within the first 30 to 60 days)
    That is the period that offers the home the maximum exposure to potential clients.
    Avoid ‘pricing high’ then adjusting later.
    Get it right first time, and you will get the market value for your home, sooner rather than later!
  • Attend to the curb appeal
    Repaint, replant, re-sod lawns, straighten mailboxes, weed the drive, trim the edges and keep it that way every day!
  • Update 
    We’ve seen some impressive results at turning the sale-ability and rentability of Reunion Resort homes around, for not much more than a few cans of paint and new drapes!
    Imagine releasing your whole home’s equity for the sake of a thousand dollars?
    Some homes might need less to maximize their potential, some a little more, but maximize it you must!
    Selecting styles, popular trends and colors are always a smart move for Reunion Resort property sellers.  Be careful though, don’t spend valuable resources on the things that don’t really matter.
  • Depersonalize and Declutter!
    As much as you love pictures of your family and those treasured Disney artifacts that you’ve collected over the years, store them away for the photoshoots and showings.
    People don’t want to see other people’s stuff.  They only want to dream of their lifestyle in the home.
    Overflowing storage spaces hint that the closets are too small.  Free up space to make sure you put the true potential of the property across to the buyers.
  • Stage the Home?
    Add a little lifestyle to the home by hinting how the home can best serve its new owners.
    Don’t leave anything personal laid around like sweaty golf shoes in the cupboards, but some tasteful golf artwork, theme park art and other quality decor items can help remind buyers of the fun potential of owning a home here in Reunion Resort.
    TASTEFUL is the keyword.
  • Quirky spots – offer hints how they can be used!
    I recall walking a home and seeing an odd little corner that had turned into a reader’s haven.
    Sun poured through a window onto a comfy sofa.  A picture on the wall offered a dreamy vista, a bookshelf was filled with beautifully printed destination books and travel books.  Everyone wanted to site there, pick up a book and ‘escape’.
  • Great images are key to a successful property listing.
    Get the best possible images taken.  They will sell your home.
    Video is ok, 3D Tours are ok, but photographs really make the home sell.

There’s no secret to selling a home. (If you follow the tips above!)
Most sellers already appreciate every single point on the list, but sometimes the desire to sell, while we concentrate on other aspects of life, allows a seller to take an eye off the ball and miss one or more of these golden rules.
Don’t worry, a good selling agent can take care of this for you!


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