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How To Build The Perfect Custom Home

Reunion Resort Custom Home

Many of Reunion Resort’s most impressive and rewarding investment homes are fabulous joint efforts between owners, interior designers, property managers and custom builders.

These spectacular creations provide a whole new level of vacation experiences, raising the bar for even the most discerning guests in search of a luxury home in the Disney parks area.

Characteristics of a successful Custom Home on Reunion Resort

  • Pre- Approve your finance – if needed
    Many construction loans require the buyer to at least own the lot, but there are lenders that will allow the lot and home to be financed in combination.
    Depending on your status, custom home buyers can expect to place a deposit of between 20 and 40 percent of the property’s assessed value.
  • Curb appeal
    From the roadside, the home has to create a ‘wow’, especially as you see the home online for booking appeal, and to greet your guests as you arrive for the very first time from the airport.
    Those initial impressions are essential to create bookings and in turn, a successful investment.
  • Quality furnishings with a modern twist.
    By modern, we mean somewhere between ‘transitional and modern’ decor.
    In other words, the market has moved away from elegant woodwork, antique furniture and elaborate paintwork and crown molding.
    Instead, a clean, neutral style is winning the bookings time and time again.
    Exceptions may exist, but the rental guests are rewarding owners that keep up with the times in terms of decor and furnishings.
  • Make master bedrooms large but not too large
    A 9 bedroom home looks balanced if it also has two or three very nicely appointed master bedroom suites.
    Lovely finishes are important, but don’t go crazy with super large suites and cavernous bathrooms, and costly tiling.  Make it large enough to be right and no more.
  • Regular bedrooms – en-suites all round
    For the main bedrooms, again, make them and their bathroom suites large enough and no larger, unless you want to add in kids play areas to certain rooms etc.
  • Family living areas
    Open layouts rule in these large luxury homes and they must be able to comfortably take care of most of a home’s guests, especially those dining areas.
    In reality, guests often break out into different areas of the home to eat, and socialize, but enough space in the main dining room and the lanai is essential if you want to keep guests happy.
  • Media rooms
    Most groups don’t descend into the home theater in one big group, but a home that sleeps 30 guests might want to be able to accommodate at least 50% of the sleep count.
    Some owners have moved away from tiered home theaters, and adopted the more informal ‘sports bar’ type of media area, with multiple large screen TVs around a bar themed games area.  This works great for those essential online marketing shots!
  • Pools and Lanais
    Not so long back, the heading would be just pools.  Now homes are being designed with a more thoughtful approach to how guests will use the vacation property.
    Lifestyle is everything when you’ve travelled thousands of miles for your annual vacation!
    Guests want to do more than just splash around.  Swim up bars, submerged bar stools, water bubblers, shaded play areas for kids to safely enjoy are all important in this category of luxury custom home.
    Summer kitchens and lanais need to complement the home’s interior and the landscape beyond the home, in order to create an appeal to guests that love to be outdoors.
  • Something different – it’s worth the effort!
    Searching through the Reunion Resort Homeaway listings helps you get the idea.
    From your top 10 best homes, which features made that selection so easy?
    Your choices may have been driven by a stunning kitchen and breakfast bar, or a dreamy hot tub just lit the way you love it.
    Whatever those features were, they are worth adding not only to your own home, but to lure those essential bookings to your next investment property at Reunion Resort.
    Stand out from the crowd with themed areas, creative ideas and irresistible ambience.
  • Selfies Rule – Here’s why!
    As crazy as it may seem, the more selfie opportunities you can create in and around the home, the better!
    These precious images not only spread your home’s appeal via social media, but the creation of these ‘hot spots’ adds interest for guests to enjoy.
    Any view that’s good enough for a selfie, is undoubtedly prime real estate for your home’s listing on marketing channel websites like HomeAway, AirBnb etc.
    The home has to look good to book good.

The Key Steps to Create a Reunion Resort Custom Home

  1. Decide what you want to build and why you want to build it!
  2. Work out the numbers with plenty of research (your realtor can help!)
  3. Understand the features of other successful homes
  4. Find a selection of vacant lots that can accommodate this kind of home
  5. Select a short list of builders
  6. Make some outline designs with your chosen builder’s expertise
  7. Budget the entire project
  8. Your chosen Custom Builder will draw up plans and submit for approval
  9. Buy the lot & place builder deposit (search available lots)
  10. Begin construction
  11. Complete the home (between 9 and 18 months depending on the complexity)
  12. Furnish and enjoy your new home or place it into a vacation rental program!
  13. Find out how to make HomeAway work best for you! Our guide to getting more bookings than the home next door!

For more assistance about creating your very own Reunion Resort Custom home, please feel free to contact us for the best possible advice!

Kevin Maw
Licensed Realtor®
407-973-1456 📞
EXP Realty LLC -610 Sycamore St.  Suite 315 Celebration Fl, 34747



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