Kingwood International Reunion Owner News

Reunion Resort Sold to Kingwood International Resorts


As of February 8th 2019, an Atlanta based resort operator has taken over ownership of the entire resort from Lubert Adler (LRA Orlando LLC).

According to the Orlando Business Journal, Reunion Resort brings their portfolio to 4 North American resorts, including; Kingwood Country Club & Golf Resort GA and the Achasta Golf Resort GA, as well as the Plantation on Crystal River FL.

For an undisclosed amount, the 2,300 acre site is now under their control as they look set to develop the luxury vacation golf community to include new timeshare homes, a brand new $150m 400 room hotel and amenity space, a large redevelopment of the existing water park along with wave pool, reconfigured water slides, new food and beverage area and putt putt golf.

The move will no doubt bring a lot of upgrades to the huge community, and we are obviously most interested in how the new owners will interface with the hundreds of existing property owners and property managers that have helped create the luxurious environment that exists today.

We will of course keep you posted!

Editor Note

KINGWOOD ORLANDO REUNION RESORT LLC was registered by Reunion Resort’s general manager, Kevin Baker in August of 2018 with a registered business address at

The ongoing involvement of Kevin Baker will be seen as an important positive for the existing owners and members of Reunion Resort.


    1. Hi Michael
      We are an independent blog and not the resort owner but we will always do our best to work with everyone to bring the latest news and information.
      Thank you for following our blog!

  1. I live in Achasta and Kingwood has owned us for about 3 years and we have seen no improvement. If anything our community has gone down hill. Good Luck

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