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New Facebook Chat Group Exclusively For Reunion Resort Owners

Reunion Resort Owners Facebook Group

We’ve created a new closed Facebook Group for Reunion Owners to communicate through.
You can request access here Reunion Resort Owners Facebook Group

We hope that it will give owners a platform to discuss, share and socialize freely.

All we ask is that owners respect one another and the service companies, restaurants and businesses that operate in and around the resort.

Have fun everyone and hopefully, the strength of the group is something that becomes more and more useful as each owner joins!


    1. Hi
      We took it down for now.
      We will restart at some point in January with clear guidelines on ‘content of posts’ and also whether participants were actually owners at the resort, rather than ‘trying to do business on the page’ or using the page to confront businesses or people.
      Although some people may want that opportunity, we simply want our group to be a social spot, where people can discuss resort issues without getting law suits sent their way, or spamming owners with ‘sales pitches’.
      Thank you and we will get that up very soon.

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