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Reunion Resort Property Sales March 2019

We periodically work through the recent Real Estate sales to show what’s trending in Reunion Resort’s hot property market.
March provided ten sales of small to mid sized properties and here they all are to give you an idea of what the market looks like at the moment.

If you’d like to view the homes that are currently for sale in each and every Reunion Resort community click this link!

7401 Gathering Ct
5 beds 5 bath
4,742 sqft AC
Days listed 12

960 Desert Mountain Ct
5 beds 5 bath
3,370 sqft AC
Days listed NA

314 Muirfield Loop
5 bed 4 bath
4,077 sqft AC
Days listed 15

535 Muirfield Loop
5 bed 5 bath
4,896 sqft AC
Days listed 57

861 Golden Bear Dr
5 bed 4 bath
2,700 sqft AC
Days listed 49

711 Lasso Dr
5 bed 5 bath
3,328 sqft AC
Days listed 176

7600 Excitement Dr
5 bed 4 bath
3,284 sqft AC
Days listed 239

7746 Linkside Loop
5 bed 4 bath
2,656 sqft AC
Says listed 335

7427 Gathering Ct
3 bed 3 bath
2,379 sqft AC
Days listed 362

1057 Castle Pines Ct
5 bed 4 bath
2,700 sqft AC
Days listed 311

1521 Fairview Cir
4 bed 3 bath
2,296 sqft
Days listed 45

Please note, that while every effort has been made to provide an accurate report, we always advise owners and buyers to seek professional assistance in the purchase of sale of a home.
Should you wish to obtain a market assessment of your property or would like to purchase a property within Central Florida, our team of experts will be willing to assist at any time.

Contact us today for the very best investment home and residential property advice in Florida!

Kevin Maw
Custom home and luxury home specialist
email our sales team
call us today on 407-973-1456

Reunion Resort Golden Bear Drive Homes For Sale at
861 Golden Bear Dr – recently sold in just 49 days

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