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Kingwood Increases Builder Fee by 5%

Back in the ‘Blue Sky’ days of Reunion Resort, Ginn’s approved builders within the resort paid a fee of 8% of the cost of each home. Over the years, the subsequent developers decided to temporarily reduce the fee to 3% in order to accelerate the development of the luxury golf community.

As lots are steadily being replaced with homes, the new owners; Kingwood will be reverting back to the 8% fee in the early summer of 2019.

Kingwood are believed to be offering two ‘discounts’ on the builder fee as follows;

  • Standard Builder Fee reverts to 8% (was 3% for a number of years)
  • 1.5% Fee reduction if the home enters the Official Reunion Resort Rental Program
  • 1.5% Fee reduction if the builder provides membership for the home upon completion
  • The new fee is effectively immediately
  • The old fee is still applicable to owners that have already been in discussion with builders on specific lots.
  • We are awaiting details on if and how the fee reductions will be applied contractually.

If you are already in the process of buying a lot, or building a new home at Reunion Resort, contact us immediately to ensure that you qualify for the lower 3% builder fee and save today!

Follow this link, for all homes currently for sale on Reunion Resort!

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Kevin Maw
Licensed Realtor®

We Have Multiple Water & Golf View Lots Available on Golden Bear Dr. For New Builds

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