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Hurricane Dorian Update – Sept 4th – Reunion Resort Unscathed

Always take your batteries out of your Emergency devices when packing away!

As of 08:30 on September 4th, Hurricane Dorian had slipped up the East coast of Florida overnight, leaving the Central Florida region virtually unscathed, save for an overcast sky, light winds and a little rain from the storm’s outer bands.

Much to the relief of everyone in and around Reunion Resort, it’s time to pack away our ‘hurricane boxes’ until the next time round.

As everyone is probably aware, Dorian was much less kind to the Bahamas and news is beginning to filter in, revealing ‘flattened’ towns in the Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama in particular. Everyone in Florida can sigh a relief today, but equally think deeply about those affected in those less fortunate regions.

Originally, Dorian was predicted to make landfall in the Cape Canaveral area, traveling west as a Cat 3, 4 or maybe 5. That would’ve been a different story for everyone in the Coastal areas of Florida.

Thankfully, Reunion Resort is much further inland, and with that comes a good deal of cooling land mass that saps energy from a tropical storm system.
The numerous owners, residents, property managers and resort owners, do seem to have taken exceptional steps to have prepared for Dorian and for that, we should be grateful for their efforts to keep everyone and our properties safe during Hurricane Season.

For those with a heightened interest, the official Hurricane Season runs from June 1st through November 30th each year, but September and October are by far the busiest months according to NOAA data.

Peak Months For Hurricane Activity
Hurricane Dorian as it passed by Central Florida on September 4th 2019

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