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New Reunion Resort Trash Cans and Collection Schedule


Reunion Resort Homeowners

Osceola County Solid Waste Department has a new trash and recycling collection contract vendor, which will begin collection on October 1, 2019, through Advanced Disposal.

You have, by now, received your new trash and recycling carts.  There is a maximum of two trash carts and two recycling carts permitted for collection by the county.  You can obtain a second cart, for a charge, by contacting Advanced Disposal at 407-605-3892.  Only the provided tan carts will be emptied during the following pick up days: 

Monday, Thursday and Saturday – Trash Collection

Wednesday – Recycling Collection

  • Trash must be placed at the curb or at the end of driveway for pickup. Containers should be placed for pickup NO EARLIER THAN 3:OO PM, the day BEFORE collection occurs. 
  • TRASH and RECYCLE containers must be concealed from public view, in accordance to the architectural guidelines of Reunion Resort, when not in use.
  •  If containers are left out after trash or recycle pickup, the Association may issue a violation as set forth in this document. 

You may not use your black trash carts for curbside collection.  If they are placed on the curb, Advanced Disposal will NOT empty them, and you may receive a trash violation.  Please make sure that only the new carts that have been provided by Solid Waste of Osceola County are being used for collection.

The old green recycling carts with yellow lid will be picked up for the last time on 09/27/2019.  Once collection occurs, please leave THIS CAN ONLY curbside as Waste Management will be bringing a truck throughout the week to pick-up these carts.  Again, the old recycling carts will be collected by Waste Management beginning 9/27 through October 4. 

If you would like to dispose of your old trash carts, not previously provided by the county, please leave them curbside on THURSDAY only with a note for Advanced Disposal to discard of them.  They will be taken to the landfill.

If you have any further questions about the new trash and recycling collection, please contact Advanced Disposal at 407-605-3892.  Thank you

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