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Palmilla Area – Affordable Housing Project Update

Earlier this month we published an article about an intended affordable housing development that would directly border the 13th fairway of the Nicklaus course, should it be approved as it currently is.

We reached out to Osceola County this week, to find out more about the current project. Here’s the update from The Osceola Development Director, Jose Gomez;

Pre Approval PRDV19-178

This item is a pre-application meeting, where a potential developer for a property meets with staff to go over what would be required to develop a property, including land use, zoning, environmental, transportation, and engineering. The site plan submitted is for discussion purposes and may not reflect the final development, if any, of the property based on the constraints of the property. If this project were to move forward, it would be required that the property be re-zoned, with public hearings for the zoning. Staff can also recommend community meetings for projects with substantial community interest. Community meetings and public hearings would be the appropriate public forum for residents of the area to provide input. 

Thank you,
Jose A. Gomez, P.E.
Development Review Director
Floodplain Administrator

Although the public consultation process isn’t open to the public and owners of affected properties, there’s nothing to prevent anybody from reaching out to Osceola County and expressing their comments.
In time, we will certainly try and bring more details if this project does go ahead.

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  1. Thank you for the information on this dreadful proposal. If I were a homeowner on Palmilla I would have a daily alarm set reminding me to call Osceola County every day to express opposition to this proposal.
    As it is, I will be calling as a Reunion Resort resident and expressing my opposition. The additional traffic generated by the new woods destroying development already under construction on the opposite side of 429 let alone this woods destroying proposed development will add significant traffic 7 days a week.
    If the advertised church comes to fruition on the NE corner of Sinclair and Formosa Garden Blvd, I am sure those folks will also be dealing with significant issues. Again, thank you Reunion Resort real estate for the continued updates on issues effecting property values inside of Reunion Resort.

    J Melson

  2. WAIT WHAT??? Affordable housing? Where can I learn more about this…This does NOT sound good for Reunion Home owners,,,Thanks!!!

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