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Street Parking Control Meeting – December 19th 2019

Follow this link to learn more about the outcome of this meeting!

The CDD will be holding an important meeting to discuss opinions on parking controls, tow aways and no parking areas within Reunion Resort.
December 19 at 7 PM at the Heritage Crossing Community Center, 7715 Heritage Crossing Way, in Reunion.


Dear Reunion East Owners & Tenants,

The Reunion East Community Development District (the “District”) will hold a Public Hearing December 19 at 7 PM at the Heritage Crossing Community Center, 7715 Heritage Crossing Way, in Reunion.  All residents who are concerned about roadway parking and proposed tow-away zones should attend.  Following the Public Hearing, the Board of Supervisors will deliberate Parking and Towing Rules that impact owners, tenants, and guests at Reunion.  


Reunion East was built as a residential community with compact roads that provide a neighborly feel.  Because of the narrow design and construction of the roads, not all streets are suitable for on-street parking. There have been numerous concerns brought to the District regarding the effective operation of the roads – specifically on-street parking.  In addition to public safety concerns, discourteous parking has negatively impacted other drivers and pedestrians in the community. The District’s Board of Supervisors has reviewed and discussed concerns about on-street parking at meetings for several months. Supervisors have coordinated with security services and District staff to identify the most problematic areas. One frequently cited concern is that vehicles parked on the roads are potentially blocking public safety vehicles — such as fire trucks — when they are responding to an emergency. Other concerns brought to the Board include residents being prevented from driving on certain roads (due to large vehicles being parked on both sides of the roads) and discourteous drivers not realizing their parking behaviors are adversely impacting other drivers and even pedestrians.  The Board of Supervisors is balancing the need for safe and effective roads with the understanding that residents have guests from time to time. Although on-street parking can be a convenience for guests, not every Reunion road and is suitable for on-street parking.

The Next Steps: 

The intention of the meeting is to designate No Parking areas. Vehicles that are found parked in designated No Parking zones would then be subject to towing at the vehicle owner’s expense. Florida’s statutes allow for CDDs to adopt and enforce towing policies. Should the No Parking zones and Towing guidelines be approved by the Board of Supervisors, owners, tenants, and guests will then see No Parking signs installed in various locations throughout the District. These signs will correspond with the District Parking and Towing Map attached to the Rules and will indicate the locations where parking will be restricted or prohibited. Once signage is complete the District will begin enforcing the provisions of the Rule including towing improperly located vehicles.

Summary of the Key Parking Guidelines: 

  • Roads and/or sections of roads of concern are Corolla Court, Titian Court, ExcitementDrive, Oconee Street, Gathering Drive and Gathering Court. For these critical areas, parking will be permitted on one side of the street only.
  • For all District roadways, commercial vehicles are not allowed to park except in paved areas adjacent to the residence being serviced or where a delivery is being made.
  • For all District roadways, Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are not allowed to park except for loading and unloading.
  • For all District roadways, recreational golf carts are not allowed to park but golf maintenance carts can be parked during certain hours adjacent to the residence being serviced.
  • For all District roadways, courtesy guidelines such as not parking near mailbox kiosks, not blocking driveways, not blocking sidewalks and other situations are fully addressed in the attached proposed Rules.  The Rules also allow for towing of disabled vehicles, illegal vehicles, or those that are unsafely parked on the street.

The summary is just a brief overview and not comprehensive. Please review the proposed Rules Relating to Parking and Parking Enforcement attached to this letter for a comprehensive understanding of the parking and towing guidelines.  


George S. Flint

District Manager Reunion East Community Development District

Telephone: (407) 841-5524


Castle Pines Ct. Aerial View


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