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Four Way Stops Coming to 2 Locations on Traditions Blvd

The 4 Way Stop – Grand Traverse Pkwy and Traditions Blvd/Golden Bear Dr

Two new four way stop systems are ready to go live on Traditions Blvd on December 23rd 2019.
One near the waterpark, at the intersection of Spine Rd and Traditions Blvd.
One other near the Bear’s Den intersection of Grand Traverse Pkwy and Traditions Blvd.

Both locations currently have signage in place, covered in bags and marked with warning flags.

See below the official notice from the CDD.

Traffic Notice: New Stop Sign Installations
Tradition Boulevard and Spine Road
Tradition Boulevard and Golden Bear Drive/Grande Traverse Parkway

Intersection improvements at two locations are well underway.  Please take notice that as part of these intersection improvements, there will be new four-way stop signs installed at intersections of Tradition Blvd and Spine Rd as well at Tradition Blvd and Grande Traverse Pkwy/Golden Bear.

The tentative date for installation is of the new stop signs is Monday, December 16.  The new stop signs will be covered and flagged for a period of one week. 

The current tentative date for uncovering the signs and this new traffic pattern is Monday, December 23.  The new stop conditions will be marked with new STOP signs that will be flagged and new “ Stop Ahead” signs.  

Once the STOP signs are uncovered, Reunion East and West Community Development Districts asks residents to please use caution and follow all-way-stop rules when approaching the intersection.  Residents are thanked in advance for taking notice of, and obeying traffic rules at these new four-way stop signs.  

Other upcoming road improvements include marking the pedestrian crossings in the vicinities of Gathering Drive and The Grande as well as  Reunion Boulevard and Heritage Crossing.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Alan Scheerer

Field Operations Manager

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